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Over the last decade, internet and smartphone devices have changed the way we interact with media — both print and digital. The 3.8 billion internet users, now look for channels that allow easy interaction. Businesses are pacing up with this shift from traditional print operations to digital.

Efficiency Speed Operation Cost
Our Mission

We make useful online tools based on QR Code technology for business applications

Our Mission

Scanova builds a suite of products based on QR Code technology that all businesses can use to speed up engagement and operations. Content-coded QR Codes bridge the gap between offline and online media with a single scan through a smartphone device.

Impact of Our Innovation is Across the Globe

Customers across 195 countries in the world use our products to improve their operations

Our Impact Across Globe
Today, more than 60,000 businesses use our QR Code based products for growth. Marketers track print media engagement, professionals share contact, warehouses manage inventory with our QR Codes. These are just a few examples from the variety of use cases our products fit into.
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Businesses feel Empowered with Us

Our CustomersOur Customers

Team behind Scanova

Our team brings together expertise across product, design, engineering, sales, and marketing

CEO Gautam Garg

Co-founder & CEO

Gautam leads the Scanova team into building scalable products that solves business challenges. He strongly believes in problem-solving, innovation, and customer delight. When not working, he loves to travel and experiment with local cuisines.

Raj Kiran
Sr. Software Developer

Raj is the in-house Javascript expert with an eye for visual-appeal. He loves to develop functional products and optimize existing ones for a better customer experience. When cutting loose, he likes to play the ukulele and ride a bike into the woods.

Anshul Singh Bisht
Sr. Software Developer

Anshul is a Python specialist and passionate about building products that help people and businesses. Also a night owl, he loves coding in Machine Learning and watching football.

Anuj Sharma
Sr. Software Developer

Anuj is a competitive Python coder who loves building meaningful products and has a passion for data security. When not coding, he focuses on strength-training.

Deepak Thakur
UI-UX Designer

Deepak, our in-house design guru, is hardworking and passionate. He is a big fan of UI-UX and design thinking. When not working, you will find Deepak busy painting a canvas.

Yashika Tangri
Marketing Manager

Yashika, our QR Code subject expert, loves to write and share her knowledge to solve problems. When not writing, you will find her with a mythology book or listening to music.

Mansi Tyagi
HR Executive

Mansi is our affable Human Resources Executive. When not working, she spends her time painting, reading, and creating aesthetic spaces.

Manjeet Yadav
Frontend Developer

Manjeet is the Frontend Developer for the QCG product. This shy and introverted Rubik’s Cube genius loves to spend his free time watching the Discovery/NATGeo channel and traveling vlogs.

Rohan Rehan
Relations Executive

Rohan is our Customer Relations Executive who hails from the city of the magnificent Taj Mahal. He has a huge inclination and respect for the armed forces, and it is a unanimous opinion in the company that he would have been in the forces if he wasn’t in the corporate sector.

Aman Verma
Business Analyst

The always exuberant Business Analyst in the company, Aman Verma, loves his rucksack the most in the world. When not working or traveling, he loves an evening with friends, pizza, and cold coffee!

Srijan Kumar
Backend Developer

Srijan is our Backend Developer for the QCG product. This curious soul is talented in photography and drumming. When not working, he enjoys the company of good music and movies.

Gaurav Mitra
Relations Executive

The most polite and respectful, Gaurav is our Customer Relations Executive and hails from the holy city of Prayagraj. He likes to spend his free time making memes, and watching movies and TV shows.

Sakshi Kumari
Frontend Developer

The desi-Chinese food lover, Sakshi, is a Frontend Developer for Ticket Generator product. This YMCA alumnus loves to spend her time learning about history and animals, and watching movies and podcasts.

Prashant Sharma
Relations Executive

Prashant is our Customer Relations Executive. When not working, he likes to spend his time playing Snooker, cooking, reading, and watching movies and TV shows.

Madhavan Sah
Quality Analyst

Madhavan, our QA Analyst loves to deliver tasks with perfection. When not working he loves to watch football and read non-fiction.

Shruti Singh
Quality Analyst

Shruti is a QA Analyst and likes debugging the developer's code. In her leisure time, she is fond of gardening, reading, or listening to stories.

Prateek Pundir
Quality Analyst

Software testers do not make software; they only make them better. In his leisure time, He likes to travel, watch web series, and enjoy nature.

Danish Koul
Content Writer

Danish, our wordsmith, loves writing engaging content and staying updated on technology. During his leisure time, he enjoys cooking, reading manga, and watching football.

Raman Goyal
Frontend Developer

Raman is our Frontend Developer for the QR Batch and QR API Product. He loves to develop products for the best user-experience. When not working, you will find Raman solving puzzles, playing chess or driving on the highways with friends.

Mahima Singh

Mahima, our Recruiter, digs watching documentaries/series/movies & is an adrenaline-rush seeker. Loves to travel and explore new places, has a defined group of friends, yet is pretty friendly and approachable (might not look like, but is).

Anand Kumar
UI-UX Designer

Anand, our UI UX Designer, likes to assemble ideas together to create engaging pieces of design and experiences. In his spare time, you’ll find him surfing through UX blogs, watching cricket & listening to the music of his favourite, Kishore Kumar.

Mukesh Gupta
Swapnil Jain

Our Core Values

We are passionate about the pursuit of simple ideas that make information easily accessible

Our Core Values


Here at Scanova, we spend each day focusing on QR Code technology to optimize our products for businesses and their consumers.

Customer-centric Product Design

With every project, we learn more about what works. So we build products which simplify and improve our customers’ lives.

Data Security and Privacy

Scanova is fully-committed to protect the personal data of its customers and customer’s end-users

Problem Solvers

With the end user in mind, every project at Scanova begins in an effort to simplify processes and make our users’ lives easier.

Great People

We want to work with great people who analyze, learn, and adapt continuously to be the best as individuals and as an organization.

Good Life

We believe in taking care of ourselves physically and mentally to balance our work and balance our lives in turn.

We Learn More to Grow More

At Scanova, leadership and learning are indispensable to each other

We Learn More

We Unwind, when not Solving Problems

We work for a good life.

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