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Leading provider of QR Code solutions across the globe
Scanova the easiest way to create QR Codes
Scanova makes it easy for print media marketers to engage better with their target audience-using QR Code technology customized for marketing applications. With Scanova, marketers and businesses can create, design, manage, and track QR Codes for their promotional and operational use cases.
Scanova customer Art Director Health Technology Professional Products Inc.
We’ve been using QR codes for a couple of years now although we could never track the results or change the URL to our codes. With Scanova we can now track how our QR codes are performing. We can also create dynamic codes that we can change whenever needed.Scanova’s website is user friendly and changes made to our dynamic codes are revised instantly. If you want to step up your QR code game , Scanova has you covered.

Scanova Customer Laura Maginess Fake Bake
We have just started working with Scanova and already we are delighted with the ease of use of the interface and the excellent customer service offered. The fact that we can add branding to the QR codes and that they are dynamic were essential aspects of us choosing to go with Scanova over other same service providers. We are very much so looking forward to utilising the campaign analysis tools also offered.

Our story

How we are making print media better
User cutting coupon with difficulty from print media to avail offer

Traditional print media is outdated

Despite rapid growth of digital marketing, print media still remains the most effective eye-catcher. But unlike digital, it is non-actionable, non-trackable, and struggling to keep pace with the millenial crowd. On top of that, CMOs now demand print media ROI from their marketers.
User easily scanning Scanova QR Code from print media to see coupon details and avail offer

QR Codes bring life to print media

We strongly believe that with the help of technology, it is possible to make print media more engaging, actionable, and trackable. And we did it using QR Code technology. A QR Code is a 2D barcode that can share information when scanned using a smartphone.
User easily scanning Scanova QR Code from print media to see coupon details and avail offer
Scanova designer QR Codes make visually appealing QR Codes which helps marketers to attract more scans

Scanova makes QR Codes better

To make it easy for marketers to use QR Codes in their print campaigns, we built Scanova powerful web tool that allows marketers to create, design, manage, and track visually-appealing QR Codes. But we didn't stop there. Everyday we are developing Scanova into a more powerful and faster tool to help marketers get the best ROI from their QR Code campaigns.

Our team

Scanova is engineered by a strong team of passionate people and experts
Scanova Co-founder Gautam Garg
Gautam Garg
Co-founder & CEO
Scanova Co-founder Mukesh Gupta
Mukesh Gupta
Scanova Co-founder Swapnil Jain
Swapnil Jain
Scanova Content Writer Zara Rizwan
Zara Rizwan
Content Developer
Scanova Full-stack Developer Siddharth Sahu
Siddharth Sahu
Full-Stack Web Developer
Scanova UI-UX Designer Simran Sahni
Simran Sahni
UI-UX Designer
Scanova Front-end Developer Raj Kiran Singh
Raj Kiran Singh
Front-end Web Developer
Scanova Front-end Developer Raj Kiran Singh
Arpit Singh
Business Developer
Scanova Mentor Mohsin Khan
Mohsin Khan
Scanova Mentor P Ramakrishna
P Ramakrishna

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Have a question or need to talk to us? Reach out to us

Contact Scanova Support in case of any question

Connect with us

Have a question or need to talk to us? Reach out to us

Contact Scanova Support in case of any question

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