Landing Page

A landing page is simply the first web page you view when you click on a link or scan a QR Code. Typically, landing pages are single page websites that online marketers use to convert leads or to provide additional information.

Landing Page

How can Landing Pages help my business?

Landing pages are the easiest way to engage with your online audience (through links, Google Ads, etc.) or on-the-go audience (through QR Codes) without the need to hire web developers.

Majority of businesses today have a website but to create pages for promotions (such as offers/discounts, etc.) for each and every campaign can be a expensive and time-consuming process.

This is where landing pages can help you. Landing pages can be created quickly in no time using online tools. Your business can leverage landing pages for the following online marketing engagements:

1. Offers/Discounts:

Do you run an ecommerce website and run a daily promotional offer? Use a landing page to communicate the offer to your audience. Landing pages can be easily updated with a clicks and requires no knowledge of web development.

2. Google Ads:

You can start registering customers even if your website is not ready. Create a simple sign-up page and begin with your advertising campaigns.

3. Blog Authors:

Are you a blogger with a big fan following but low ebook sales? Use landing pages to convert your online audience into paying customers.

4. Events:

Are you hosting an event and want to share the event page across multiple social media platforms? Create a landing page and simply share the URL. Interested parties can also sign-up for more information, providing you with a concrete database of actual paying customers.

5. Newspaper/Magazine Articles:

Do you have a print magazine but limited space for articles? Add QR Codes to articles and lead your readers to an online landing page with the complete article.

6. Product Descriptions:

Do you sell a product and want to provide more information to your customer such as tech specifications, nutrition facts, list of ingredients, terms & conditions, or user manual? If you have print space constraints on the packaging, then add a QR Code and lead your customers to a landing with all the information you wish to provide.

The applications listed above are only the tip of the iceberg. With landing pages, marketers can significantly bump up their conversion ratios and increase the engagement level of their marketing campaigns.

Scanova specializes in creating responsive (optimized for web, mobile, and tablets) landing pages. To start using Scanova, sign up for a free account.

Gautam Garg is a Co-founder and the CEO of Scanova. He is a QR Code enthusiast and a big fan of inbound marketing, CRO, and usability. When taking a break, he likes to go trekking and eat spicy food.

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