Imagine this. You have a killer new application that you have created but very few downloads. People are just not downloading your application despite your customer development efforts. The word is out there but the conversion rate is just not up to the mark. To understand this, we need to step into the shoes of the consumer.

Stacy is a regular at the Groovy Stones Cafe, which has just launched a mobile application to increase their business. The mobile application is capable of telling Stacy when she can avail discounts, including her in the cafe’s loyalty programme, and allowing her to make reservations. But Stacy has just not downloaded the app. But Stacy did see the ad poster during her last visit and thought to herself “Hmm…I should download this app later” and soon forgot about it.

What could Groovy Stones have done to ensure that Stacy and many others like her download the app? A lot actually:

Engage Consumer into Action at the Very Moment: Consumers have a very short attention span. Provide an incentive! Give them a free drink, a discount, or any other incentive relevant to your business for downloading the app.

Don’t Make Them Search for the App: Even if Stacy decides to get the free drink on-the-spot, she will have to open the App store on her smartphone, type in the name of the app, and hit search. Don’t make her wait. Push the app URL on her phone using a QR Code and she will directly view the app page.

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Use a QR Code with splitting function: You might think that how will you know which phone Stacy has? You have a different app URL for Apple, Android, and Windows phones. And putting up 3 QR Codes does not seem like a cool idea. So don’t. Add a single QR Code with the splitting function. This QR Code automatically recognizes the device and redirects the user to the relevant app page.

If your target audience is online (primarily on a PC), add a QR Code on your website, blog, or email which allows users to scan the code and get the mobile app on their smartphone. Note that its a bad idea if your audience views your promotional material primarily on the smartphone. In this case, providing a simple link should do the trick. QR Codes should be used only when the target audience views the promotional material in print or on a PC. Read our post on 5 must-know QR Code best practices to increase QR Code conversion rate.

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