Types of QR Codes

QR Codes on print media is a great way to engage potential customers. We have all used them. But did you know that you can choose from 25 different types of QR Codes for customer engagement?  

Be it driving traffic to your website or getting more followers on social media. These 2D barcodes have a lot to offer.

The big question is:


Here is list of 25 actions that you can get your audience to take:

1. See a webpage

By creating a website QR Code, you can drive traffic to your website. Just enter the page URL and generate your QR Code. Create Website QR Code now.

example qr code types


2. View your location on Google Maps

If you want to share your exact location with your visitors, then create a Maps QR Code. Search for a location or enter map coordinates and generate your QR Code. Whoever scans this QR Code will be able to see your exact locationCreate a Maps QR Code now.

example qr code types

3. See your complete profile with downloadable contact details

You can create a personal page with all your contact information and share it with people. All they need to do is scan the Dynamic Vcard QR Code from your business card. They can also save you as a contact on their smartphones. Create a Dynamic Vcard QR Code now.

example qr code types

4. Get access to all your social media pages

Most businesses have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It is very difficult to focus on any one platform. So what do you do? You create a Social Media QR Code that gives your audience access to all your social media links.  Create a Social Media QR Code now.

example qr code types

5. See a PDF

You can also show an entire PDF to your target audience with a PDF QR Code. When scanned, the PDF will open in the browser of the scanning device. Create a PDF QR Code now.

example qr code types

6. See a Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitation is the official announcement of your wedding to your friends and family. So you might want to make the most of it. With a Wedding QR Code on your invitation card, you can:

a. Share Google Maps location of the venue with guests

b. Share your couple journey photos and videos

c. Get your guests mark the event in their calendars

d. Help your guests RSVP with their smartphones

Create a Wedding QR Code now.

7. Get engaged with your product packaging

Today a lot of brands offer similar products. As a marketer, it is necessary for you to differentiate yourselves from the competition by engaging your customers. You can add a QR Code on the packaging of your product to:

  • Provide your product’s detailed information to the buyers
  • Suggest a cooking recipe
  • Showcase your product range
  • Create awareness about your campaigns

Create a product QR Code now.

8. See an image

For images such as product image, safety instructions, etc., you can create an Image QR Code. When scanned, the QR Code will open the image in a browser on the scanning device. Create an Image QR Code now.

example qr code types

9. Download your mobile application

If you want to give your potential users an easy way to download your mobile app, then create an App Store QR Code. Even if your app is available on various app stores, you will only need a single QR Code. An iPhone user gets redirected to the App Store and an Android user to the Google Play store. Create an App Store QR Code now.

example qr code types

10. Listen to an audio file

For audio files like music, podcast, or audio tutorial, you can create an Audio QR Code. Just upload the audio file of your choice and generate a QR Code. When scanned, this QR Code will play the uploaded audio file on the scanning device. Create an Audio QR Code now.

example qr code types

11. Show a page with a lot of text

Let’s say you want to share a full page of text such as:

  • Terms & conditions
  • Safety instructions
  • Technical specifications
  • Description of an art piece
  • Side effects

You will need a landing page with formatted text capabilities such as the Rich Text QR Code. When scanned, the QR Code will open a page with content specified by you. Create a Rich Text QR Code now.

example qr code types

12. Get a coupon

For print promotional campaigns, you can share a mobile coupon with your target customers. When scanned, a Coupon QR Code will redirect to a mobile coupon landing page customized by you. Create a Coupon QR Code now.

example qr code types

13. Send you payment via PayPal

You can receive payments for your products or services, via PayPal. It also includes donations. All you need is a PayPal QR Code. For this, you just need to add your account email ID, product name, value, and currency. This will ensure that your customers have an easy option to send you a payment. Create a Paypal QR Code now.

example qr code types

14. Read important text

Say you want your customers to read some plain text such as:

  • Product information
  • Product code
  • Coupon code
  • Special message

All you need to do is create a Text QR Code. Enter the text and generate your QR Code. Create Text QR Code now.

example qr code types

15. Save you as a contact

If you think your business card is boring, create a Business Card QR Code and add it to your card. A Business Card QR Code allows people you meet to save your contact details on their smartphones. This is useful as most people lose the business cards they getCreate a Business Card QR Code now.

example qr code types

16. Save your event on their smartphone calendar

You can remind your audience about an upcoming event if they scan your Calendar Event QR Code. Once scanned, your audience will be able to view and save the details event on their smartphonesCreate Calendar Event QR Code now.

example qr code types


17. Access your Wi-fi network

Your guests or employees can access your Wifi network by scanning a Wifi QR Code. All you need to do is:

  • Specify your Wifi security protocol (WPA, WPA2, WEP)
  • Add your network name
  • Add your password

Android users will be able to connect to the network. iPhone users will be able to view this information on their screens.  Create a Wifi QR Code now.

example qr code types

18. Like your Facebook page

Trying to get potential customers to like your Facebook page? Create a Facebook Like QR Code. You just need to know your Facebook page URL.

Once scanned, this QR Code will lead your customer to your Facebook page where they can Like your page.

Note that it is not possible to Like your page just by scanning the QR Code as Facebook restricts thisCreate Facebook QR Code now.

example qr code types

19. Watch a video on Youtube

Create a Youtube QR Code to get people to see your video on Youtube from your print media promotions. All you need is the Youtube URL to the video. Create a Youtube QR Code now.

example qr code types

20. Tweet about you

An increase in the number of mentions by your audience on Twitter increases your social authority. Scanning your Twitter QR Code will generate a pre-loaded tweet on their smartphones. They just need to click on the Tweet button to post the TweetCreate a Twitter QR Code now.

21. Dial your phone number

A potential customer can dial your phone number just by scanning your Contact QR CodeCreate Contact QR Code now.

example qr code types

22. Send you an email

Your audience can send you an email by scanning an Email QR Code. The default email application opens with your email address in the recipient field. Create an Email QR Code now.

example qr code types


23. Send you a text message

Looking to run an SMS campaign? Want to build a mobile subscribers list? Make it easy for your audience to send you an SMS. When they scan your SMS QR Code, a pre-loaded SMS generates on their phones. They only need to click on SendCreate an SMS QR Code now.

example qr code types

24. Get your Bitcoin address

Create a QR Code for your Bitcoin address so that it is easy for your friends to send you Bitcoins. Create a Bitcoin QR Code now.

example qr code types

25. See your LinkedIn Profile

You can add a LinkedIN QR Code on documents such as resume and business card.


When scanned, it will redirect the end-users to your LinkedIn profile.

Do you want to create any of these QR Codes? Then choose a QR Code Generator that best suits your requirements.



Choose the right QR Code for your campaign

Create a QR Code that best fits the goals of your marketing campaign. With the Scanova QR Code Generator, you have the flexibility of choosing from 25 types of QR Code
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Gautam Garg is a Co-founder and the CEO of Scanova. He is a QR Code enthusiast and a big fan of inbound marketing, CRO, and usability. When taking a break, he likes to go trekking and eat spicy food.


  1. We would like to create a QR code that has a short introductory text, URL of our website, and a product jpg to entice the potential client. Are these types of combinations possible with Scanova. thx

    1. Yes Dave. This is easily possible with the recently updated ‘Rich Text QR Code’ category. Using this type of QR Code, you can create a mobile landing page with text, URLs, and images. You can even edit the HTML code.

      From your free trial Scanova account, search for ‘rich text’ in the Generator section. Follow as instructed and test the QR Code.

      Hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any further questions.

  2. Hi Gautam
    I am using the QR code on a video to be screened in public transit shelters – though the Qr code responds when I test it on my computer , when it is projected it does not respond – I suspect this has to do with resolution?. Some advice would be great
    Many Thanks

    1. Hi Lydia,

      If a projected QR Code is not scannable, then it is most likely (as you mentioned) a resolution issue. Have you tried using a vector format (PDF, EPS, or SVG) of the QR Code image? Another reason for poor scannability could be low level of contrast between the image and the background (this can happen if the colors have changed due to low quality of screens). Please share the QR Code you have created at [email protected] and we will we able to isolate the issue.


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