The way technology has perforated into the lives of everyone, it is not surprising to find kids with a smartphone these days. Now this has been both a boon and a bane. But let’s keep that discussion for some other day. Today let’s face the brighter side of the impact. Without a trace of doubt, it has empowered the youth with the immeasurable power of internet right in their hands. Kids in school today have access to what we didn’t have during our time. Vast amount of knowledge through internet.

QR codes come into picture here. They help teachers and students tap that knowledge in an interesting way. They are being used in education heavily and are doing wonders. Given below is a list of 9 ways we can use QR Codes in classrooms. Examples have been used wherever possible.

1. Show a Youtube video related to your lecture

Videos always provide for a better way of explaining things. QR Codes with a video link helps us do away with typing long web addresses or searching for a video on Google. It results in an immediate engagement with the students. Creating such an engagement is very easy. Here in the example, I have added a link of a video on the Himalayas to the QR Code and scanning it takes you directly to the video.

QR Codes in Classrooms

2. Share a summary of a lecture with extra links and pictures

Build a page with extra web links and videos related to your lecture. Add useful resources for your students to explore more. Here in the example, I created the page using an online DIY Page Creator and then generated its QR Code.

QR Codes in Classrooms

3. Give them details of library books

Put the details of your lecture, online e-books, and library reference books in a QR Code.

4. Share a survey link

Want your students to fill a feedback form? Need to ask them a few questions? Choose from a host of services that let you create surveys. Let your students scan a QR Code to fill an online survey.

QR Codes in Classrooms

5. Use a Dynamic QR Code to show them a motivational video every day

Thought of a day is good, but ever thought of having a video of the day. Use a Dynamic QR Code so that you don’t have to change the QR Code design. Just update the Youtube video link to a motivational/inspirational video everyday.

QR Codes in Classrooms

6. Create an exhibition of your students’ creatives

Create an online exhibition of creative work by students. Let students submit links to their online work by scanning a QR Code. Allow the audience to access the exhibition using a QR Code. This will not only save unnecessary hassles to put up the selected work on display, but will also allow you to document everyone’s work online.

7. Share a QR Code for your next test

Created a test for students? Create it online using any page creator and share the link using a QR Code. I created a sample test with questions and relevant images together.

QR Codes in Classrooms

8. Use a QR Code for your next school event

Create a simple web page for a school event and Share the link using a QR Code. For example you are celebrating a reading week. Create a web page displaying reading lists.

9. Conceal test answers in a QR Code

Taking a test and don’t want to reveal the answers immediately? Add answers to the QR Code and let students scan it to know the answer. If you use Dynamic QR Codes, you can even control whether the answers are visible or not when students scan the page.

Create QR Codes for your class

Create, design, and manage QR Codes for your classroom to increase the engagement level of your students
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