3 must-know QR Code download best practices

Do you ever print a document without checking the preview? Or did you ever give a speech without practicing it first in front of the mirror? In the same way, do not download your QR Code before going through this must-know checklist:

1. Test your code by scanning it first

Though you know how to create QR Codes, they can become complicated at times. Your audience will find it very difficult to scan these codes turning this into a bad user experience. Now we don’t want that. It is advisable to scan the code at least twice using different mobile applications to confirm that the code works. If your code is not scanning, the possible reasons of complications are:

Too much information

QR Codes can store so much more information that a traditional 1D barcode. But if you add paragraphs, the code will become large, sometimes too large for the poor scanner. Keep it simple. If you have a lot of information that you want to communicate, create a mobile landing page instead and add the page link to the QR Code. Given below is a QR Code with just too much information:

qr code download

Poor contrast

If the contrast between the background and the data matrix is low, it is likely that the QR Code will not scan. Black QR Codes on white backgrounds will most definitely scan. Colorful QR Codes will also face no issues as long as considerable contrast is maintained between the background and the data matrix. Given below are examples of QR Codes with poor contrast:

qr code download


Complicated Graphic Design

Just like a traditional 1D barcode, a QR Code scanning application must be able to recognize each unit of a QR Code. While QR Codes provide us with the flexibility of adding colors and editing patterns, one should not get carried away. The design shown below, despite being visually-appealing and a great effort, will not scan:

qr code download

Inappropriate size

Though there is no ‘ideal size’ for a QR Code image, you must always ensure that the its size is appropriate enough to be scannable. You can calculate the minimum QR Code size for your campaign. This will ensure that your QR Code remains scannable.

2. Check if your QR Code has the option of being trackable

You obviously want your audience to go online and check out your offer, website, or profile. But do you also want to know where and how many people are part of your audience? Use trackable QR Codes (also called Dynamic Codes) instead of non-trackable (or Static) Codes. A few trackable codes are typically available for free but you will be required to create an account with an online QR code generator to save and manage your QR Codes.  Trackable QR Codes also give you the option of editing the content of your code without changing the design of the data matrix.

qr code download3. Add error correction scripts

If you are putting QR Codes on wall posters, table tent cards, or any other promotion which is prone to wear and tear, consider adding error correction scripts to your code. High error correction in a QR Code helps smartphone scanners decode damaged QR Codes also. Note that higher the error correction the denser the data matrix  of the QR Code become.

qr code download  The error correction settings in Scanova can be found under Advanced Settings of Advanced Export.

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