The e-retailing (or e-commerce) industry is rapidly growing across the globe. According to forecasts by eMarketer, ecommerce sales will grow by 20.1% in 2014 to reach a staggering total of USD 1.5 Tr by the end of the year. This growth is being led by consumers in Asia-Pacific who are expected to spend more than their counterparts in North America in 2014.

To attract consumers to their e-stores, e-retailers are increasingly investing in digital advertising.  It has become commonplace to use email, social media, and search engines advertisements to target the audience that is online. But with no brick-and-mortar stores, how can e-retailers grab the attention of consumers that are out shopping in malls? How do you continue the engagement once the product has been delivered? Here are three ways how:

1. Virtual Shopping

Display your products on wall banners and give the option of mobile shopping to the consumers. Consumers can view more details about the the product image on display by scanning a QR Code and also make purchases using their smartphones. This technique was used by Tesco to allow consumers to shop for groceries at subway stations. Tesco Korea reported an increase in online sales by 130% due to its QR Code campaign.

qr codes in eretailing

2. Get Instant Feedback

Place a QR Code on the packaging of your product. As soon as the product is delivered, the customer has the option of scanning a QR Code and filling out a mobile form if they have a complaint or feedback. Papa John’s (although not a retailer) is successfully running a similar campaign by placing a QR Code on the pizza boxes.

qr codes in eretailing

3. Provide Additional Product Info

If the products you sell online are manufactured in-house, you can add a QR Code on the product or its packaging. On scanning the code, the customer is redirected to a mobile page that provides important information about the product for example nutritional information, washing directions, side effects, and allergies precaution. Consumer packaged goods manufacturer and food service brands such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s already use this technique to engage their customers. E-retailers with in-house products can easily follow suit to start engaging with their customers at negligible costs.

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