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LinkedIn QR Code: Simpler way to view and share profiles

Say you are active on LinkedIn. To network better, you have printed your profile link on your business card or resume. But typing the entire link is difficult for anybody. The good news is that you can now use a LinkedIn QR Code instead.

In Jun 2018, the app introduced a profile QR Code feature.

Note that you should have an updated version of LinkedIn app in your phone for this feature to work. In case you don’t, here are the download links—Google Play, App Store.

Here are the steps to find your LinkedIn QR Code:

How to Find Your LinkedIn QR Code

1.From your LinkedIn app dashboard, find the QR Code icon in the search bar. Click on this icon

linkedin QR Code- homepage

2. Next you have to click on ‘My code’ tab

LinkedIn QR Code-my code

3. You will see your LinkedIn QR Code in blue-and-white color

4. Click on ‘Save to Gallery’. This will save the QR Code in your phone’s photo gallery

5. Now you can include this QR Code on your business cards or resume

How to Scan one such QR Code

Open the app and from the dashboard, click the QR Code icon in the search-bar. Click on the ‘Scan’ tab. The phone camera will activate.

1.If you have the QR Code in front of you (say on a business card or resume), you only have to scan the code. This will take you to the specific LinkedIn profile

2. If you have the QR Code in your phone’s gallery, tap on ‘Add Code From Gallery’. Select the QR Code image from your gallery. Your phone will vibrate once and your app will redirect to the specific profile

The QR Code feature is likely to get popular amongst the users very soon. This is because it is really simple to perform and will save one’s efforts as well.

Similarly, a lot of messaging apps today are using profile QR Codes to help their users.

That’s all you need to know on how you can share your LinkedIn profile easily.

By Yashika Tangri

Yashika is a Scanova Expert who loves to write and share "How-to" articles on QR Code technology. When not writing, she lounges to read mythology and listen to music.

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Hi Yashika, thanks for very useful article! QR codes are cool, but it seems not all QR scanners are the same. Apart from the scanner in the LinkedIn app, what are other good QR code scanners? Is there a top 10 list of the best QR scanners?

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