A Google Maps QR Code makes it easy for your guests to pinpoint a location on the Maps application (or the Maps website on the browser). If you are looking to provide map coordinates of your office or event site, then this code is what you need.

You can use a Google Maps QR Code for the following use cases:

  • Location of your office or shop on your business card
  • Location of the event site on the invitation or ticket
  • Location of a tourist spot on travel brochures

How do I create a Google Maps QR Code?

You can easily create the code by following the steps below:

1. Go to the Google Maps QR Code Generator

2. Search your location in Google Maps Search Box in the page that opens. Select the location and click on ‘Create my QR Code’

google maps qr code


3. Your QR Code has been generated and you will see three design options to choose from – standard, fancy with custom logo, and fancy with custom background.

google maps qr code

You can either proceed to download the QR Code or customize the design.

4. Note: You will be prompted to sign up for a free trial account to save and download your QR Code.

Create a Google Maps QR Code

Create a visually-appealing and dynamic Google Maps QR Code for your office or event location
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