When I was a kid, smartphones were not common among students. We also could not use them in school. Now, times have changed.

Teachers these days are using technology to educate children. Also, they can use QR Codes to make learning more fun and interactive in the classroom. One useful application is to challenge students to a game of QR Code Scavenger Hunt.

What is a QR Code Scavenger Hunt?

It’s just like a scavenger hunt but played using QR Codes. Students (or groups of students) have to search the school or classroom for QR Codes. These QR Codes contain clues to the game. The team that gets the most clues (and answers to the clues) wins the game.

How do I get started?

Are you a teacher looking to organize a QR Code Scavenger Hunt challenge in one of your classes? Here is a challenge that is popular amongst teachers:

  1. Prepare a list of topics from your subject that you want the students to learn
  2. Prepare a list of good questions covering all topics
  3. Create a QR Code for each question and print the QR Code images. These are the clues.
  4. Place these clues across the school or the classroom
  5. Then, divide your class into groups. Ensure that each group has at least one smartphone. The students will not need to access the internet
  6. Now, students need to search the school for these clues and scan each QR Code to get each question. They must then work together to find the answer to this question. The team that brings the most number of answers wins the game

How do I create QR Codes?

You can create QR Codes online using a QR Code Generator tool. Also, if you need to create a QR Code that contains simple text, then you need to create a Text QR Code.

QR Code Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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Create your own Scavenger Hunt

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