Mobile app stores are swamped with free QR Code Scanner apps – some good, some decent, and some downright awful. Because we love QR Codes and we want every smartphone to have a QR Code Reader, we decided to shortlist the top 7 free apps for both iPhone and Android smartphones. This will make it easy for you to choose the right app and start scanning QR Codes.


1. inigma

This one is my personal favourite. If this app cannot scan a code, then the code is probably not scannable at all. Not only does it accurately decode the most complicated QR Codes, it does it at a lightning speed. I would recommend everybody to download this app and make QR Code scanning a seamless experience.

qr code scanner

i-nigma is available for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices.

2. Zapper

Right there in the league of i-nigma. Very high detection accuracy and fast. If Zapper for Restaurants (a service that allows you to pay your restaurant bill by scanning a QR Code) is available in your country, then you have one more reason to download this application.

qr code scanner

Available for iPhone, Android , and Windows devices.

3. QR Code Reader by Scan

This is another good scanning application with high detection accuracy. However, it is not as fast as i-nigma. But does the job well and has a much better UI. The free version is available only for the iPhone and Android devices.

qr code scanner

Available for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Kindle.

4. Kaspersky QR Scanner

Kaspersky brings a new twist to QR Code decoding – enhanced security. The app will be able to tell if a QR Code has a malicious link or not, making sure that you view reliable content only.

qr code scanner kaspersky

Available for iPhone and Android.

5. Quick Scan – QR Code Reader

This free QR Code scanner app by iHandy has seen recently seen a major update which has pushed the app into the league of top scanning apps.

qr code scanner quick scan

Available for iPhone and Android.

6. QR Reader for iPhone/Android

Another gem on the App Store. Allows you to scan even the toughest designer QR Codes.

qr reader

Available for iPhone and Android.

7. QR Code Reader and Scanner by ShopSavvy

Not my favourite scanner but still pretty good. Scans both QR Codes and barcodes.

qr code reader and scanner

Available for iPhone and Android.

If you think a QR Code Scanner app not on the list deserves to be here, then write your suggestions in the comments. We’ll test the app and include it if it’s really good.



Gautam Garg is a Co-founder of Scanova. He is a QR Code enthusiast and a big fan of inbound marketing, CRO, and usability. When taking a break, he likes to travel solo and eat spicy food. Follow him on Twitter @GGarg88