QR Code On Resume: Everything You Need To Know

You are seeking a job and want to make an impression with your resume. You have noticed a QR Code on resumes these days and have decided to add one. I would like to stop you right there. Here are some questions that you need to ask before you proceed with the idea:

A. Why should I add a QR Code on my resume?

Adding a QR Code to the resume is not only a new trend, but also helps you differentiate yourselves from the competition. You can add a QR Code on resume to:

1.Attract attention: A QR Code on your resume might probably attract a second glance from the hiring manager. Furthermore, it can favor you if you’re applying for a job with a large pool of applicants

2. Appear tech-savvy: The addition of a QR Code to the resume shows that you are aware of the ever-evolving tech world. These days employers look for candidates who are aware of cutting-edge technologies

3. Present additional work: Link the QR Code to your creative work such as mobile apps, project documents, designs, or articles. Remember to add a caption, explaining what the QR Code links to

A QR Code on the resume doesn’t guarantee the job. But it will be a noteworthy point for the recruiter. And if you can make your resume stick in the mind of the recruiter, you should seize the opportunity. It might increase your chances of being hired.

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B. Does the QR Code make sense on my resume?

A QR Code is a 2D barcode that connects users from print media to dynamic online content. One can easily scan it using a QR Code scanning app on a smartphone. Today QR Codes are being actively used in recruitment.

A QR Code on resume makes sense if:

1. Majority of the people will get the resume copy in print. A QR Code does not really make sense on a PDF viewed on a screen. If you’re sharing a PDF, you can simply add a link to the additional content instead of a QR Code. In such cases, the only QR Codes that make sense are:

i. Vcard QR Code: It allows them to save your contact information on their phones

ii. App Store QR Code: It makes them see a mobile app that you have created

2. It redirects prospective employers to information not contained in the resume (such as details of projects, piece of software code, design creatives, photographs, lengthy articles, etc.). A recruiter should have an incentive to scan the QR Code—that is get additional information to help shortlist for further rounds.

C. Is the content relevant?

A QR Code is a technology tool that makes it easier for users to access information. You need to figure out the information that your prospective employer might need but is not critical enough (or technically impossible) to be added directly. Here are a few examples:

1.Detailed information about your professional roles or projects

2. Link to your Linkedin profile that has additional information such as references and testimonials

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3. Links to your creative material such as articles, designs, music, mobile apps, or videos

QR Code on resume

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D. How do I create the right QR Code?

QR Codes can be generated using an online QR Code Generator for resume such as Scanova. To create the right QR Code for resume, you need to figure out the following:

1. Type of QR Code: You have a choice of multiple QR Code types including Website URL, Vcard Profile, Rich Text, App Store, Image, and PDF

qr code on resume: webscreen

2. Edit-ability: Do you want to edit the QR Code without the need to reprint or resend your resumes? If so, create a Dynamic QR Code

3. Custom QR Code: Do you want to create a QR Code that speaks about you? Or lets your prospective employer know where the QR Code will lead to? If so, go for a custom or designer QR Code

QR Code on resume: designs

4. Scan Tracking: Is tracking number of scans important to you? If so, ensure that you create a Dynamic QR Code

That’s it! You are set to create a QR Code for your resume. Still have questions? Ask in the comments section below.


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