It is not a secret that people have a love-hate relationship with QR Codes. For some people, its become ‘cool’ to hate them. They hate them so much that they actually use it to define themselves.

do people use qr codes

do people use qr codes

I believe some have even written books about how QR Codes kill their pets. Their day job is to take seminars and dissuade people from using QR Codes in their campaigns in order to rid this world of animal cruelty.

With this kind of negativity surrounding QR Codes, one would expect this ‘matrix of horror’ to become obsolete. I mean they have already been here for over two decades now. Surely, the smart people must have figured out a better way to connect users from print to online media. Haven’t they?

So do people use QR Codes? Sorry to disappoint the haters but yes they do. Here is a list of 8 cases that show that QR Codes are far from dead:

1. QR Codes are widely used for bitcoin and other virtual money transactions

do people use qr codes

This guy received over $24,000 in bitcoins due to this image that went viral.

2. QR Codes is still the most popular mobile payment option to purchase at Starbucks

do people use qr codes

According to QR Code Press, 6 million transactions take place every week through the Starbucks app that uses QR Codes.

3. Snapchat added custom QR Codes as a way to add friends

do people use qr codes

4. WhatsApp uses QR Code-based authentication for WhatsApp Web

do people use qr codes

5. QR Codes are huge in China thanks to WeChat

do people use qr codes

(Image Source: Pymnts)

“China is a mobile first country. The West and even Singapore is a laptop/pc first country. This to me explains why QR codes are everywhere in China. From shop windows to business cards, buses to trains, on packs to posters.” – Chris Reed, Wall Blog

6. Teachers in the US are using QR Codes daily in class activities

do people use qr codes

7. Nintendo 3DS gamers create and scan Mii QR Codes everyday

do people use qr codes

8. Players of games like Borderlands 2 and Watchdogs also scan QR Codes

do people use qr codes 3

The point is that either you can hate them or use them where they make sense. The choice is yours.

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