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Using Avery Design & Print Online, you can add barcodes and QR Codes to your Avery labels. However, Avery has very limited options when it comes to customization of the QR Code design. So what do you do if you need custom-designed QR Code labels?

What you need to do is use a custom QR Code Generator that allows you to create a personalized QR Code design and then import this design in Avery Design & Print Online.

Important: Note that this will only create copies of the same QR Code on every label. It is not possible to have a unique QR Code on every label as Avery does not have a mail merge feature for images yet.

Just follow these steps:

1. Create a custom QR Code using Scanova

Using Scanova, you can personalize the design of the QR Code. A custom-designed QR Code is known to attract more number of scans than black-and-white QR Code.

custom qr code labels

Here is a quick guide on how to create a custom QR Code with logo.

Once you have finalized the design, export the QR Code in vector format. Avery can import images in SVG format. This will allow you to customize the size of the QR Code on the label without any loss in resolution.

2. Import QR Code Image in Avery Design & Print Online

a. Go to Avery Design & Print Online

b. Under Start a New Project, enter the product code. For example, product 22805 allows you to print 24 square labels per sheet with each label of the size 1.5 inch X 1.5 inch.

custom qr code labels

I recommend using Avery products with square-shaped white labels only. White background gives a good contrast to the custom-designed QR Code and ensures that your QR Code remains highly scannable.

Here are the recommended products:

  • Product 22805: Avery® Easy Peel® White Square Labels 22805, 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″, Pack of 600
  • Product 22806: Avery® Easy Peel® White Square Labels 22806, 2″ x 2″, Pack of 300

c. Once you enter the product number, you will be directed to Avery’s design tool. It will prompt you to choose the background design of each label. I recommend using the blank white design.

custom qr code labels

Select the blank option and proceed by clicking on the Next button on the top right corner.

d. You will be directed to the Customize page. Here you see the canvas that represents each label. What you put here will be replicated on each label on the sheet.

e. From the menu on the left, choose the Images tab and click on Add Image.

custom qr code labels

f. Import the SVG image of the QR Code exported using Scanova. You will see the QR Code on the canvas. Adjust the size as per your requirements.

custom qr code labels

Remember to leave a padding of white space around the QR Code (padding equal to 4 modules where module is size of one block). This is required to keep the QR Code scannable.

g. Once you have finalized the design, click on Preview & Print button on the top right corner.

3. Print or Order your Custom QR Code Labels

Avery will give you the options of either printing the QR Codes (if you already have the labels) or ordering the printed labels.

That’s it. Now you know how to print custom QR Code labels using Scanova and Avery Design & Print Online.

Create a Custom QR Code now

A Custom QR Code attracts more scans from consumers than a black-and-white QR Code.
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