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A conference is a place where people meet, network, and discuss ideas. The speaker interacts with the audience. The attendees interact with each other. Interaction is at its peak. So if you are hosting a conference, what can you do to ensure that it is easy for everybody to engage with each other a little bit better? You use QR Codes at conferences.

A QR Code is a 2D barcode that can store valuable information such as contact information and URLs. Today a lot of marketers use them to acquire and engage customers. And they’re also used in education, health care, and various other industries.

Here are 3 ways to use them at your conference:

1. Add Vcard QR Codes to registration badges

When potential attendees register for your event, add a Vcard QR Code to their name badge. A Vcard QR Code will contain information such as name, company name, email address, and phone number of the attendee.

When two attendees network during the conference, they can simply scan the name badges to save the contacts in their smartphones. No cases of running out of business cards.

QR Code conferences badge

To do this, simply integrate a QR Code API with your CRM software that manages registrations and design of name badges.

2. Authenticate attendees

Another possibility is to add a QR Code to the name badge that will allow you to authenticate the attendee when they enter the conference. The QR Code will contain a unique ID.

Security personnel at the entrance can scan the name badge using a handheld optical scanner and verify if the name badge is legitimate. This is similar to verification of boarding passes at airports.

QR Code conferences: ID Card

In this case also, you will need to integrate a QR Code API with your CRM software.

3. Share conference material with the attendees

Save printing costs by sharing soft copies of the conference material such as agenda, speaker bio’s, and speaker presentations via QR Codes.

Simply, place the QR Codes containing relevant URLs at important places of the conference halls such as the registration desk. The attendees can download the material on their smartphones by scanning the QR Code.

QR Code conference: download material

Speakers and sponsors can also generate leads for their business by adding QR Codes on their promotional material. For example, the speaker can allow the attendees to get a soft copy of the presentation in return for their contact details.

In this case, you can create URL QR Codes using an online QR Code Generator.

4. Get a feedback from the attendees

Get attendees to submit their feedback about the conference. It will help you know if there are any loop-holes. And improvise your conference organisation accordingly.

To do this, you can use Website URL QR Codes that link to a feedback form. And print these QR Codes on attendees’ badges, fliers, etc.

QR Code conferences: feedback form

For more information on QR Code APIs, contact Scanova at [email protected]

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