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You are planning on using QR Codes but you are worried about the confidential data it links to. Anyone with a QR Code scanning app on their smartphone can access the data. How do you ensure data security? By creating a password protected QR Code. Password protected QR Codes allow you share your private data with only authorized people. Only the top QR Code generators have this feature.

A. How does a password protected QR Code work?

1. Set a password while creating a Dynamic QR Code
2. Share the password with authorized personnel
3. When scanned, the QR Code will prompt to enter password
4. As one enters the password, content will be accessed

B. What can you share with password protected QR Codes

A secure QR Code allows you share almost any sort of content including:

a. Confidential Documents: Say you are adding QR Codes on your print material to share confidential information with someone. You can password-protect the QR Code while creating it and share the correct password with people you want

b. Download Links of Paid Content: Suppose you offer downloadable content such as music and games. You want to share it with people who pay for your content. Here a password protected QR Code will let only your customers access your services

c. Special Message: Say it’s your partner’s birthday and you want to send them a special message on a birthday card. You want only your partner to see the message and nobody else. Simply adding a QR Code with password to the birthday card will help you do this

You can use an online QR Code Generator such as Scanova to create password protected QR Codes.

C. How to create a password-protected QR Code

Using Scanova for demo purpose, here is a step-by-step guide to create a password protected QR Code:

a. Go to Scanova’s QR Code Generator and sign-up for a 14 day free trial

password protected qr codes signup

b. Once you sign-up, click on the type of QR Code you want to create. For demo purpose, let’s create a website URL QR Code

c. Click Website URL and enter the link of your website, video, etc.

password protected qr codes website url


e. A pop-up will appear. You can change the name of your QR Code here

password protected qr codes name

f. Next, tick the option Add Password Protection and enter the password

password protected qr codes

g. Click SAVE

h. Three QR Codes will appear with options to CUSTOMIZE AND DOWNLOAD, and Download without design

password protected qr codes design and download

i. Proceed with any of the QR Code design you want

j. Once you’re done, say after designing the QR Code, click DOWNLOAD

password protected qr codes download

That’s it. Now that you have a password protected QR Code, you can use it on print media and share the QR Code images with people you want. Just tell them the QR Code password and they’ll be able to access the encoded content.

D. How to edit the password of your password protected QR Code

Say you want to change the password of the QR Code after sometime, You can do it by following these steps:
a. Go to Scanova and click Saved QR Codes
b. Select the QR Code
c. Enter the new password and click Update QR Code

password protected qr codes update

The password will be updated while QR Code will remain the same.
That’s all you need to know about password protected QR Codes.

Create your first Password-Protected QR Code

Add password protection to secure your QR Codes and give access of your content to trusted friends only
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  1. This is very interesting, I wonder if there is a method of collecting new users registration data, another thing that seems ripe for development is an SDK to open up this kind of technology to developers and their clients. just something to think about.

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