how to generate a large batch of qr codes

If you only need a few QR Codes for your promotional campaigns, you can use a QR Code Management tool such as Scanova. But how to generate a large batch of QR Codes? What do you do if you need hundreds or thousands? Maybe even millions?

The good news is that it’s possible and in an affordable way. Depending on your application, you can generate QR Codes in bulk in two ways:

1. Bulk Generation Service

QR Code Management tools like Scanova provide the service of bulk generation of QR Codes. If you provide the following information, the QR Codes will be delivered in a zip folder usually within 24-48 hours:

a. Data

You can specify the data in a spreadsheet with two columns – QR Code Name, QR Code Content. Note that the QR Code can have content such as a URL, text, contact details, map coordinates, etc.

b. Design

You can specify the design of the QR Code. Each QR Code will have this design. Typically, bulk generation services accept designs that are possible using their own QR Code designing tools.

The best QR Code designing tools allow you to add logo & image backgrounds, and edit colors & patterns.

c. Custom Specifications

In addition to data and design, you also need to provide details such as QR Code size, error correction value, and image format (PNG, JPG, EPS, SVG, PS, PDF).

2. Integrated QR Code Generation API

If you want to generate QR Codes in large numbers but only after an action is triggered, then you need to integrate a QR Code generation API with your information system.

For example, a QR Code on a rail ticket is generated only when the ticket is generated. This how the system works:

  • The ticketing information system is integrated with a QR Code Generation API
  • Whenever a ticket is purchased, the ticketing system requests the API to generate a QR Code. With this request, the system sends the API relevant information (QR Code content, specifications, design, etc.)
  • The API responds by returning an image of the QR Code to the ticketing system
  • This QR Code is copied on the designated space on the ticket print-out

A QR Code Generation API model usually works on limits i.e. limited by the number of requests per month and number of requests per second.

The advantage of using an API is that businesses can leverage the technology in an affordable way without the need to spend resources on creating their own system.

QR Code APIs can either integrated over the web or installed on the local servers.

QR Code Generation APIs can be used in ticketing, mobile payments, billing, social media apps (WeChat, Viber, etc.), and identification (Whatsapp, membership cards, conference badges, etc.).

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