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It’s December and the wedding season in India is in full swing already. There are ‘auspicious’ days when the number of weddings in a single city can run into tens of thousands.

With each big fat Indian wedding comes a lot of drama – invitations, gifts, gatecrashers, and locating the right venue.

We set out to brainstorm on how can QR Code technology make weddings a little easier than the chaos they are right now.

Turns out it’s a no-brainer actually.

Here are 3 ways you can use QR Codes on your wedding invitations to make things hi-tech and easier for your guests:

1. Use a maps QR Code to show exact location

Almost every card I have received has a map of the location. Yes an actual printed map with names of streets and everything.

This would be quite useful if we were still in the 1900s when we remembered street names.

Simply add a Google Maps QR Code on one of leaves of the invitation card. This way when I scan it, I’ll get the exact location on my smartphone and I can use turn-by-turn navigation.

And not attend a wrong wedding (Yes it has happened. Only in India).

qr code wedding invitation

2. Avoid gatecrashing with QR Code-enabled entry cards

I know what you are thinking? You want us to give tickets to our own guests at our wedding?

Well you should if you have a high-profile wedding (actors, sportspersons, politicians) and you don’t want unauthorized entry of freeloaders, stalkers, and paparazzi.

With your invitation cards, you can add QR-Coded passes. At the entry point, your security team can scan the QR Code and verify the authenticity of the pass.

If you are a high-profile host then your guests will likely be high-profile too. Trust me they will appreciate the added security.

It’s a real thing. This security technique was used in Harbhajan and Geeta Basra’s wedding reception in Delhi and Chiranjeevi’s son’s wedding in Hyderabad.

Another plus side is that you can even track who attended the wedding and who didn’t – very useful data for both personal and business relationships in India.

3. Allow digital RSVPs

Most people don’t RSVP in India. A key reason is that it is too painful to send a snail mail and nobody wants to have that uncomfortable phone call.

Why not give the recipients of the invitations the option of digital RSVP. Simply add a QR Code on the RSVP card. When scanned, it will open a Google Docs form which they can fill out with their response.

qr code wedding invitation

The big fat Indian wedding makes the entire wedding industry a fat one too – close to USD 40 Bn. And each wedding host is aiming at one thing – making her guests happy and leaving an impression.

Using technology, especially these square-shaped barcodes, is one good way to get started.

Create QR Codes for Wedding Invitations

Create a visually-appealing and dynamic QR Code for your wedding invitation card to engage your guests better.
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