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If you are a small business, then you probably have a limited marketing budget. You can’t afford TV commercials, large billboards, or expensive newspaper/magazine ads. But then marketing is not just about burning money on mass and expensive media.

What you can do is be smart and adopt affordable yet effective ways of engaging your potential customers.

In this post, we will show you 5 affordable ways you can make your print promotions more effective. We’ll do this by using QR Code technology which connects offline media to dynamic online content.

1. Provide more information via product packaging

This one is pretty obvious. Product packaging has limited real estate for text. Consumers are increasingly demanding more information about a product – what does it contain, where was it made, how can I be safe while using it, etc. What can you do?

Simply add a QR Code to your product packaging that leads them to a mobile webpage with all the information they need. The big boys of the US food & beverage industry are adopting the SmartLabel initiative. If you are a small business, you can simply use a QR Code Management tool to replicate it.

smartlabel qr code

smartlabel qr code

2. Do more with your business card

If networking for business is part of your job, you probably hand out a lot of business cards. And definitely, most of them end up getting either lost or forgotten.

Nobody takes the trouble of copying all your contact details on their phone. But you can give them a way to add you as a contact. Add a Vcard QR Code or Full Profile QR Code to make it easy for them.

minimum size of qr code on business card

Depending on your business requirement, you can link your business card to any card – online resume, LinkedIn profile, designs portfolio, or Facebook profile.

3. Give window shoppers a treat

You can engage window shoppers by adding a QR Code on your store window, which links to entertaining content online. This could be a contest, game, video, music, or discount coupon. Once engaged, you can offer an incentive for them to come in and make a purchase.

how to use qr codes

4. Make your flyers interactive

Another print media where you can add a QR Code are flyers. Make it easy for your audience to view information, vote, enrol, or donate directly by scanning the QR Code on the flyer.

You can also distribute mobile coupons via flyers using the Coupon QR Code.

small business qr codes

5. Outdoor advertising to increase social media following

If you have a store in a mall, you can increase fan following on social media through innovative outdoor campaigns.

For example, the Vivo City shopping mall ran a campaign in Singapore where it ran a contest to increase it’s social media following. The campaign received 8,618 scans and 4,400 new likes on the Facebook page.

small business qr codes

These are just a few creative ways small businesses can use QR codes to engage customers. You can come up with your own ideas on how to connect your potential customers from offline print media to online content.

What’s amazing is that you can track scanning activity and get analytics on how effective your QR Code-based promotional campaign was.

Have you used a creative QR Code campaign in your promotions? Let me know in the comments below and I will add it to the list.

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