why custom qr codes

A QR Code is a square-shaped barcode that can store information such as URLs and text. They can be easily read using a smartphone.

Although, these 2D barcodes were originally developed to be used in inventory management, they have found extensive use in marketing as well. This can easily be proved as many popular brands have adopted them in their campaigns.

why custom qr codes

But there is still a problem.

QR Codes are black-and-white and they look ugly. They don’t go well with branding and people often mistake them for barcodes. That is why marketers struggled in getting scans for their QR Code campaigns.

But there is way out.

Unlike barcodes, QR Codes can be designed and customized. But why custom QR Codes?

QR Codes have error correction that allows it to remain scannable even after wear & tear (upto 30%). Design is introduced as this error.

According to marketing experts, custom-designed QR Codes attract much more scans than black-and-white QR Codes.

QR Codes are generally boring, so having something branded that is in-line with the design and the promotion is a win…..Custom QR Codes have a three-to-one ratio of scans over traditional codes” – Matt McKenna, Founder and President, Red Fish Media

Our custom QR Codes increased scan rates by 2.3x over ordinary black-and-white ones in an apples-to-apples comparison – ATS Mobile

Hence, it comes as no surprise that large brands already prefer to use custom QR Codes over traditional ones. Here are 15 examples:

1. Verizon

US telecom operator Verizon Wireless used a QR Code customized with its brand color in one of its social media promotional campaigns. As reported, the campaign was a success as it generated $35,000 in revenue in a week i.e. a 200% jump while the cost of running the campaign was only $1,000.



2. Ralph Lauren

US lifestyle brand Ralph Lauren used a custom QR Code with their company logo to engage customers and offer a chance to win tickets to the US Open tennis tournament.


3. Paypal

Have you ever noticed that even Paypal uses a custom QR Code during mobile payments?


4. Nintendo

Gaming giant Nintendo uses QR Codes customized with a ‘Mii’ logo in the centre. These QR Codes are used to collect Mii digital avatars and can be scanned using 3DS devices.


5. McDonald’s

McDonald’s used a QR Codes with its brand colors on its cups and carryout bags to provide consumers with more information such as nutritional facts, etc.


6. Mariani

Packaged food company Mariani created a QR Code design from almonds that went in a trade magazine. As reported, the QR Code was appreciated by both clients and buyers.


 7.Cirque du Soleil

Canadian entertainment company, Cirque du Soleil too used a colored QR Code that blended well with its poster advertisement.


8. LVMH’s Hennessy

Multinational luxury goods conglomerate, LVMH used a designer QR Code on its limited edition Hennessy bottle, designed by renowned artist KAWS. It was reported that the QR Code was scanned 1.3 million times.


9. Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice created a strawberry design with a QR Code embedded in the centre.


10. Jacob’s Creek

Australia’s largest wine brand Jacob’s Creek used a wine glass shaped QR Code on its bottle. The QR Code redirects to the company website where buyers can view other wines of the brand.


11. Japanese Red Cross Society

Japanese Red Cross Society designed a red cross with a QR Code in the centre. When scanned, the QR Code revealed information about the program ‘Help Japan’ including relief effort and donations.


12. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Jeans placed billboards throughout New York and Los Angeles that featured an intriguing custom QR Code.  When scanned, it displayed a commercial featuring model Lara Stone, AJ, Sid Ellisdon, Eric Anderson and Grayson Vaughan

It was very successful and you will see QR codes continue to be integrated into our upcoming campaigns – Jennifer Crawford, Vice President, Corporate Communications at Calvin Klein, New York



13. Angry Birds

Gaming app Angry Birds used a creative and custom-designed QR Code on one of its print ads. When scanned, it allowed users to download the game.


14. WeChat

Popular messaging app WeChat allows users to generate a designer QR Code linked to their account. This QR Codes allows others to add you as a friend and connect on WeChat.


15. Disney

Disney used a customized QR Code on it’s ‘Tron: Legacy’ gift cards that were sold in their amusement and theme park in Japan.



Inspired yet? I know what you are thinking.

How does one go about creating such QR Codes?

If you want to go the Angry Birds or Mariani way, then you will definitely need the help of a graphic designer. However, you can easily create personalized QR Codes using online QR Code designing tools.

Here is a quick guide to get you started on How to make a custom QR Code.

Create a custom QR Code

Create a visually-appealing and custom QR Code to attract more scans from your potential customer
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