QR Codes in Thailand- 7 diverse use cases

QR Codes are not new in South East Asia and if you take a walk in the markets of Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket, you will easily notice QR Codes on in-store and outdoor marketing material. Thai consumers are well aware of how to use QR Codes. In fact, it is so commonly used in print marketing that marketers will lose out if they don’t add a QR Code.

Here are 7 examples of how QR Codes are used in Thailand:

1. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

As reported by Pattayamail, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration recently announced a project which will provide consumers complete information about preparation, processing, and packaging of meat, ensuring that the product is safe and hygienic to consume.

In addition to providing information on the produce’s whereabouts, the application also allows users to make comments and suggestions while all information will be forwarded to the Veterinary Office of Public Health to further improve quality control –  Pattayamail

 2. Line Messenger

Line, which is a popular messaging app in Thailand provides an option of scanning QR Codes to connect with friends.

To add a friend: Open Line Messenger > Click More > Click on Add Friends > Select QR Code option > Scan QR Code of a friend.


3. Tesco Lotus

Tesco Lotus placed QR Codes in their store to make their customers aware about how the fresh food items were sourced.

We are starting with a few popular vegetables like cabbage and will roll out to 20 other vegetables soon. As well as saying where their vegetables were grown the QR code provides nutritional information and interesting recipes for customers to try. – Pornpen Nartpiriyarat, Tesco Lotus Head of Trading Law and Technical


 4. MEA Smart Life

Metropolitan Electricity Authority launched the ‘MEA Smart Life’ app that helps consumers to pay their electricity bills and access other services. The app generates a QR Code, which consumers can show at 7-Eleven service counters to pay bills without the need to print the bill.


5. Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Airways has an E-boarding Pass service for its passengers that allows passengers to go through airport and airlines security checks simply by showing a QR Code on their smartphones.

Passengers may check-in 24 hrs to 2 hrs before departure time (for domestic flights only). After completing the web check-in process, you may select QR Code service. The system will then send the QR code which consists of flight information, itinerary and seat number to your email. Passengers may show this QR code upon airport security check and also at the gate to board the aircraft. – Bangkok Airways


6. Royal Cliff Hotels

Royal Cliff Hotel, Thailand now gives a personalized QR Code to its guests on registration which carries information about the guest’s reservation details, contact information, special requests, benefits, and discounts. The QR Code when scanned by the hotel’s staff makes the check-in process simple and quick.

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7. Y&R QR Code Sculptures

In 2011, marketing company Young & Rubicam (Y&R) worked with famous artists from Bangkok Arts & Culture Center (BACC) to create QR Code-themed sculptures called ‘Q-Art Code’ sculptures. These were placed on some of the most prominent public places in Bangkok. When scanned, the QR Codes redirected users to the BACC website where they could get information on the schedule of exhibitions.

As reported, the QR Code campaign increased website traffic and centre visits by 20 %.

This campaign uses the latest technology as the tool to reach young people with art as the attraction, thus raising awareness of the BACC and its exhibitions in a highly relevant and thoroughly modern way. – Trong Tantivejakul, Chief Creative Officer, Y&R,Thailand
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The use cases above clearly show that QR Codes are widely used by businesses in Thailand and consumers are well aware of the technology. If you are a marketer investing in print media promotions, then you must add a QR Code to engage consumers in Thailand.

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