Bangalore city transport to get safer with Track Me QR Code

Software Technology Park of India, Bengaluru has developed a service called Track Me that uses QR Code technology. Passengers can scan a Track Me QR Code in a public transport vehicle (cab, bus, autorickshaw, etc.) to get details of the driver. The service aims to increase safety of passengers in Bangalore, including the 40,000 women working in the IT sector.

What is Track Me?

Track Me is app-based service (available for Android devices) that helps a passenger to get the driver’s information and share it with friends, colleagues, or family members, who can also track each ride.

Our app informs family members right at the start of the trip of the person’s whereabouts and continues to confirm throughout the trip if the passenger is fine or not.—Prabir K Das, Director of Software Technology Parks of India

Track Me is also aiming to work with the local law enforcement authorities to enhance its offerings.

While the app has basic features like messaging the family members and the office, the next important modification should involve integrating the police into the system. It is crucial for the law enforcement to reach the victim at the earliest. The response time must be short. Such modifications will definitely improve the app—DCP East, Boralingaiah

Like Bengaluru, cities across the world are taking steps to enhance the safety of citizens.

Why Track Me?

What is the point of Track Me if you are riding an Uber or Ola in Bangalore? Both apps are equipped with emergency SOS buttons. Agreed.

But what about passengers riding autorickshaws, buses, or office cabs. Track Me is targeted towards these un-secure modes of transport. The app can be used to secure your ride even if the driver is not registered with Track Me.

How does Track Me work?

To start using Track Me, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Download and Registration

  • Download the app via Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the app in not yet available on iOS devices
  • Register to the service by providing your details (name, address, dob, contact, info etc.)
  • Provide emergency contact details

Step 2 – Take a Track Me ride

If a driver registers with Track Me, there will be a Track Me sticker/card with a QR Code in the vehicle. Look for this sticker/card the next time you take a ride. Scan the QR Code with your app to get details of the driver. If satisfied with the information, click on Take a Ride and enter destination. Note that the driver will need to confirm the ride using their app.

Even the vehicle is not registered with Track Me, it is still possible to take advantage of Track Me. You can click a photo of the driver with the app, enter the vehicle number, and add destination.

track me qr code app screenshot

Track Me and emergency contacts will get notified as soon as the ride starts.

Step 3 – End trip

On reaching your destination, tap End Trip. The driver will also do the same using their app. Track Me and your emergency contacts will again be notified with a text message.  


With the launch of Track Me, passengers, especially women, can feel much safer when they travel in Bangalore, especially at odd hours. Registration with Track Me will also deter drivers to harm to their passengers.

Get started by downloading the Track Me app on Google Play.

This is one way how India is using QR Codes for several use cases.


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