kitkat google qr code

Nestlé KitKat has a history of working with Google. In 2013, they had the Google Android initiative. In 2015, it was the Google Youtube MyBreak initiative. In 2016, they are partnering yet again. QR Codes on KitKat packs lead to YouTube videos to watch while you take a break.

kitkat google qr code

In 2016, recognising where consumers are headed towards in their usage of Google, we think that its a great way to combine KitKat and enjoying a break with one of the ways consumers really like to enjoy which is through digital video content – Andrew Mclver, MD Nestlé Confectionery, Nestlé UK & Ireland

The new KitKat packaging in the UK will have one of 74 QR Codes that link to entertaining Youtube videos from sports, comedy, music, and gaming content categories.

We see consumers spending more and more time on Youtube. A billion users come to Youtube every month and 40 million users are from the UK…the KitKat team had a great idea which was to help users to fill their break even better – David Black, MD Branding & Consumer Markets, Google UK

See the video by KitKat and Google here:

I scanned one (Break #23) and its leads to video by Dude Perfect – Pool Trick shots.

kitkat google qr code


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