Syracuse University in New York Uses QR Codes to Share Information

Universities invest a lot in helping students learn and grow. The Syracuse University (SU), New York, United States, has taken a step further from teaching just academics. The university adds QR Codes to the dining hall to help students learn more about their meal.

This initiative is a collaborated effort by the SU Food Services and the Student Association. The QR Code placed on the entree meal label links to a website with nutritional information of the meal. This helps students with allergies and dietary restrictions to thoroughly understand what goes into a meal.

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The university aims at helping students make informed decisions about the food they eat.

To scan the QR Code, the students just need a smartphone equipped with a QR Code scanner.

SU also has QR Codes displayed at various sections in the dining area, making it more convenient for students to scan.

Syracuse University Installs QR Codes on Buildings:

Besides using QR Codes at the dining hall, SU uses QR codes to help students and families learn more about the university.

SU put up QR Codes across various academic and administrative buildings in its main campus. It also had QR Codes put up outside their buildings in New York and Washington D.C. The list of buildings includes a classroom the university rented in 1871. The initiative is a part of the SU’s drive to help families and students learn more about the its architectural history.

Syracuse University

Scanning the QR Code directs people to that particular building’s webpage.

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