Spotify QR Codes

In May 2017, Spotify, a popular music streaming service, announced the addition of QR Codes to their mobile app. Called Spotify Codes, these QR Codes will make it easier for users to share music with friends via the Spotify app.

How to use Spotify Codes:

1. Open the Spotify app on your smartphone

2. Choose the song you wish to share from your playlist

3. Click on the ellipsis (three dots) you see next to the artist’s name

Spotify Codes

4. Select the image with the code

Spotify Codes

You can save the image on your phone and share it with your friends via email, messages, or social media.

How to scan the Spotify Codes:

1. Click on the search option in the Spotify mobile app. You will see a camera icon on the top right of the screen

Spotify Codes

2. Click on the camera icon to activate the QR Code scanner

3. Point your camera on the code to scan it

The song will automatically start playing on the scanner’s Spotify app. The Spotify Codes are currently available only on its mobile app.

This announcement comes soon after Facebook’s decision to merge with Spotify. Recently, Facebook too announced the addition of QR Codes to the ‘Rewards’ section on their mobile app.

Similar to Spotify Codes, a lot of apps also use their own QR Codes. See the list of apps that use their own QR Codes.

Will the Spotify Codes make sharing music easier for you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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