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QR Code is a popular technology used by marketers to engage their target audience via print media. But as a marketer, how do you make sure that your QR Code is noticeable, speaks for your brand, and is visually-appealing?

A plain black-and-white QR Code is none of these things.

How to create a Logo QR Code

The good news is that marketers can now customize the QR Code design to attract more scans. This is commonly done by creating a logo QR Code i.e. adding a logo and brand colors to the design of the QR Code.

Here is what you need to do to create a logo QR Code:

1. Find the right QR Code generator and designer

A simple Google search will give you a list of online QR Code generating apps. Most of these provide design options but you need to be careful of what features each offers. Typically, here is what a good QR Code designer can do:

  • Provides the option to upload a logo image in the centre of the QR Code
    Note that most QR Code designers only allow editing the colors of the QR Code but not adding a logo
  • Place a QR Code on top of a background image
    Note that only a couple of advanced QR Code Generators (such as Scanova) provide this option
  • This works best when you wish to blend a QR Code with a marketing creative such as a poster or newspaper ad
  • Add brand colors and patterns to the QR Code eyes (three corner blocks) and data modules (data blocks)
  • Ensures 100% scannability of the QR Code even after it is designed
    Export QR Code images in the format required by your design team i.e. in raster (PNG, JPG) or vector (SVG, EPS, PS, PDF)

For a visually-appealing and functional logo QR Code, these features are a must. Out of the many QR Code generators online, only a few offer these.

See: Custom QR Codes by Scanova

2. Design a QR Code with logo and brand colors

Once you have finalized the QR Code generator, you can proceed to create a logo QR Code. In this example, we will show steps on how to create a logo QR Code using Scanova:

a. Go to Scanova’s website
Note that you will need to sign-up for a free trial account to start generating and downloading QR Codes
From the website, click on the Free Trial button on the navigation bar on top

how to create a logo QR Code

b. Once you are logged in, choose the type of QR Code you wish to create from the dashboard (say Website URL)

How to create a logo QR Code

c. In the page that opens, enter the content (website URL) in the required fields and click on Create QR Code

How to create a Logo QR Code

d. A window will open prompting you to name and save the QR Code. Click on Save once you have completed all fields
Note that here you are choose to make the QR Code Static or Dynamic

How to create a Logo QR Code

e. Your QR Code will be generated and you will see three design options—Standard, Custom with Logo, and Custom with Background

How to create a Logo QR Code

f. Click on Customize under Custom with Logo option to start designing your QR Code

How to create a Logo QR Code
Note that if the Custom with Background design appeals to you, click on Customize under that option

g. Under the preview, click on Clear Design to remove any existing design and to start with a plain black-and-white QR Code

How to create a Logo QR Code

h. Go to the Logo tab, and click on Add New Image to upload the logo (PNG, JPG, SVG)

How to create a Logo QR Code
When the logo is uploaded, you will see more options such as Logo Size, Logo Rotation, Remove Blocks Around Logo, and Error Correction

How to create a Logo QR Code

Tip: If you wish to increase the size of the logo beyond the limit, increase the error correction level

i. From the Eyes and Data tabs, you can edit the color and patterns of the eyes and data modules

How to create a Logo QR Code

j. Once you’ve finalized the design, click on Update

How to create a Logo QR Code
Note that you also have the option to Save Design as Template. This feature is useful if you wish to generate more QR Codes with the same design

k. Scan and test your QR Code before downloading it

l. If the QR Code is working as per your expectations, proceed to Download the image in the format you need (PNG, JPG, SVG, EPS, PS, PDF)

How to create a Logo QR Code
Note that you can also specify the size of the QR Code image (in pixels) by exporting the image via Advanced Export option under the Download options

A plain black-and-white QR Code is dull and ugly. Most consumers confuse it with barcodes. A custom-designed QR Code with a logo is more visually-appealing and is a much better call-to-action than a plain one. So if you are print marketer, upgrade to logo QR Codes as soon as possible and add them to your print ads.

Create a Logo QR Code

Create Logo QR Codes to attract more scans
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