QR Code Facts: 10 Things You must Know About QR Codes

From marketing, education, health care, payments, to tracking and safety, QR Code are widely used across various industries and geographies.

Statistics show that by the spring of 2017, approximately 28.92 billion people scanned a QR Code in the United States.

In this article, we are listing 10 QR Code facts that your must know about everyone’s favourite 2D barcode.

1. Perform Multiple Actions

It is safe to say that QR Code are one of the most versatile technologies. These 2D barcodes perform multiple actions such as:

Redirect to a website
Dial a number
Scan a Vcard
Log in to Wifi
Send an email

Some QR Code generators allow you to create up to 23 different types of QR Codes.

2. Designer QR Codes

QR Codes need not be plain black-and-white. A QR Code can be made visually-appealing by by adding color, logo, or an image. Adding personalized QR Codes to print marketing creatives helps print marketers attract more scans.

What is a QR Code Generator

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3. Editable Content

Dynamic QR Codes allow users to edit their content at any time. For example, the user can share link to website A now and change it to website B at any time. This is helpful for print marketers who do not wish to create different QR Codes for each campaign. Simply change the QR Code’s content before each marketing campaign.

4. Tracking

A challenge that most print marketers face is tracking campaign engagement. Dynamic QR Codes address this challenge. A Dynamic QR Code allows marketers to track scan analytics. Users can view scan analytics by geography, date and time, device and operating system used.

Read more about QR Code Analytics.

5. Password Protection

Did you know QR Codes can be password protected? This feature is exclusive to Dynamic Codes. Users can set a password while creating a QR Code and share it with people they want to share the QR Code’s content with.

6. Error Correction

QR Codes when printed on products or marketing creatives or products are susceptible to wear and tear. Adding the Error Correction feature in a QR Code renders it scannable even if damaged by upto 30%. Very few online QR Code generators have this advanced feature.

7. Omnidirectional

One of the best feature about QR Codes is that they are scannable from any angle, unlike barcodes which are unidirectional.

8. Scanned by any smartphone

To scan a QR Code, you no longer need to download a third-party QR Code scanner. A lot of smartphones these days, such as, Motorola, Lenovo, Samsung, and iPhone come with an inbuilt QR Code scanning feature.

9. Storage Capacity

Unlike 1D barcodes, QR Codes can store both numbers and alphabets. A QR Code can store up to 7,089 numeric characters (without spaces). Or 2,953 alphanumeric characters with spaces and punctuation.

10. Easy to Make

The long list of features does not mean that creating a QR Code is rocket science. In fact, QR Codes are very easy to make. All you need is an online QR Code generator such as Scanova to create a QR Code with advanced features.

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By Zara Rizwan

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