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Buy Thailand’s SRT train tickets using QR Code— concept of cashless payment

In Jul 2018, State Railway of Thailand (SRT) and Kasikorn Bank jointly announced the use of QR Codes to buy SRT train tickets. For the uninititaed, here’s what QR Code payments are.

STR train ticket qr code
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Around 80,000 passengers use rail transport services daily. The numbers is set to increase with Thailand’s booming tourism.
Currently, 92 percent passengers use cash to pay their train fares. Only 6 percent passengers make use of credit cards. Hence, this move is made in response to ‘Cashless Train Society’, which is in alignment with Thailand 4.0 policy.

Challenges due to cash payment

  • Passengers need to carry cash
  • Ticket agents have to tender the change
  • Cash counting poses expenses to STR

To address these issues, QR Codes to buy SRT train tickets have been introduced.

Passengers will be able to buy tickets without the need to carry cash.
It will make the process faster and convenient.

“It will take around two months to gauge whether passengers frequently pay by QR Code. If it turns out to be a popular payment method, we will consider installing them in smaller stations in future. The QR Code payment option will help the STR reduce its expenses for counting cash. If we can see an initial one million passengers using the method, it will be considered a success.” —Voravuth Mala, Acting Governor, STR.

How to buy SRT train tickets using QR Code

Note that you will need a smartphone and Kasikorn Bank’s mobile application to use the facility.
Then you can follow these steps:

  • Find QR Code on the electronic data capture (EDC) device at the station
  • Scan the QR Code with the bank’s application to make payment

SRT organised a training session for station officers on the use of QR Code to buy train tickets. It will facilitate convenience for passengers at ticket counters of any station.

Till now, 140 dynamic QR Code generating machines have been installed at main stations across the nation. These include Hua Lamphong station, Nong Khai, Chumphon, Ubon Ratchathani, and Chiang Mai.
Hua Lamphong has 14 machines (the highest number on any station).

Also see how QR Codes are used in Thailand.

To conclude, by using QR Code to but STR train tickets, the payment process will become faster, safer and more convenient, and reduce STR’s cash counting expense. However, the benchmark for success is 1 million passengers using the QR Code method. Smaller stations can get EDC machines only after success of existing ones.




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