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From Biscuits to frozen food, each shelf in a supermarket has multiple brands offering the similar products. Attractive packaging design, competitive price, and quality service definitely matter. But it’s the customer loyalty that works on long-term basis for the product. So a brand must differentiate itself from the competition by customer engagement or entertainment. A Product QR Code helps you do this.

Product QR Code allows you show both text and multimedia content about your product via the limited space on its packaging.

A. Why should you use Product QR Code

In general, QR Codes facilitate several operations. For example—a Website URL QR Code makes it easy to visit a website, a Google review QR Code makes it easy for people to submit Google reviews for a business, etc.

Similarly, a Product QR Code helps you do a number of things with your product such as:

1. Provide detailed product information to buyers

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their purchases such as food products. Due to soaring number of chronic ailments, they want a detailed account of the food product. Some of the most frequently asked questions of buyers are:

  • Is this product high in sugar?
  • Is this gluten free?
  • Does it have nuts?

By adding a QR Code to the product, you can easily address all their queries. This QR Code will lead them to a detailed information of the product.

2. Suggest a cooking recipe

Say a customer buys your product and doesn’t know how to use it. He/She uses it incorrectly and ends up never buying again.

Adding a recipe for the product you’re selling will only pleasure the buyers.

You can simply add a Product QR Code for this purpose which takes them to a recipe video, images or text.

3. Show your product range

Say your customers like one of your products and are loyal to you. But they are unaware of other products you sell. Adding a QR Code can help them go through the entire range of your products. Once they are aware of what all commodities you sell, they might end up making purchases amongst them too.

4. Spread awareness about your campaigns

Enterprises such as Nestle and PepsiCo run social campaigns that helps build their brand image. Using your packaging to spread awareness about your campaign will build consumer trust and loyalty.

Besides all these advantages, a QR Code occupies a very little space on your packaging and is cost effective too.

B. What is a Product QR Code?

You can add a Product QR Code that does all of the above tasks. For this you’ll need to use Scanova QR Code Generator. Using it, you can create a Product QR Code which links to a customizable landing page. In this page you’ll have the option to add:

  • Page title and text
  • Banner Images
  • Button link to your website
  • Social media sharing buttons

C. How to create a Product QR Code?

Using Scanova for demo purposes, here is a step-by-step guide on How to create a Product QR Code:

1.Go to Scanova’s Product QR Code Generator page.  Start customizing the landing page by adding title, text, and banner images (upto 3)

product qr code title, banner images

2. Add a link to your website. You also have an option to customize the button text

product qr code button text

3. Next, you can also add social sharing buttons such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter

product qr code social sharing buttons

4. Once you’ve added all the details, you can see how the landing page will look like by clicking View landing page preview.

product qr code preview

5. Once you’ve previewed the page and want to proceed, click Create QR Code

6. Next you’ll see three QR Codes and the option to Download or Design the QR Code. You can proceed with either of the two options

product qr code design and download

9. Once your QR Code is ready (say after you design it), click Download

10. A pop-up will appear prompting you to sign-up for a 14 day free trial. Note that you’ll need to sign-up to be able to download your QR Code

11. Once you sign-up, click Download

That’s it. Now that you have the QR Code, you can add it to your product packaging. Note that you can also download the vector image of QR Code (SVG, EPS, etc.) using Advanced Export Option.

qr code wedding invitaion advanced options

Popular e-commerce giant—Amazon—started using QR Codes on the delivery packaging of its products. These QR Codes are called SmileCodes, scannable only with the Amazon app. When scanned, SmileCodes offer great deals available to the user. This way, Amazon is using its product packaging to engage its customers.

Similarly, Tamil Nadu Department of Archaeology (TNDA) uses QR codes in calendars to show a virtual tour of monuments. Even United States Postal Service (USPS), Shopify, and Cath Kidston are using QR Codes to show redirect people to detailed information on products.

That’s all you need to know on Product QR Codes.

Still have any queries? Feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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