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Spotify Codes: A New Way to Help Users Share Songs

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services today. I am sure you have it installed on your phone and listen to music daily.  Plus, you know that QR Codes are being used in almost every area today, to which music is no exception. And your favourite music app—Spotify also got a QR […]

Generation Marketing

Video QR Code Generator: Easier Way to Share Your Videos

Say you’re running a print media campaign wherein you intend to promote a video to market your products or services. Or you want to share a video privately amongst a group of people. How will you do it? A. How to share a video There are two common ways to share a video via print […]

Education Industry

2018 DU Admission Forms to have QR Codes to helps students

We earlier saw how Universities and colleges can use QR Codes. Recently, Delhi University also used them to make the admission process easier in 2018-19 academic session. The new admission form has QR Codes assigned to each college, which can be scanned using a mobile phone and a QR Code scanning app On scanning, these […]


Zara’s new Stratford store has QR Code-based collection points

Today many retailers are using QR Codes to make shopping experience better for customers. To ride this wave, global retail brand Zara unveiled a pioneer store in Stratford Mall, London in May 18, 2018,. This can be dubbed as a step further towards integrating online and offline shopping experiences. A. Automated collection points that use QR Codes […]

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Attention street artists: Here is how to make money from your work

Street artists are geniuses who can show their creativity virtually anywhere. All they need is a place to showcase their work and they are every-ready to go.  From graffiti to music, bringing such artwork to life is neither easy nor cheap. While gallery artists are paid huge amounts, street art—while appreciated—does not get paid enough. […]

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Google Lens to Scan QR Codes Right from your Android Camera App

Yes, you read that right. It seems Google is determined to make use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to ensure that every smartphone user has access to useful information on their fingertips. The gradual integration of Google Lens into the stock camera app of select Android phones being a case in point. This means that Google […]


QR Code Image: What Marketers Can Do To Engage Customers Better

QR Codes were first introduced as this black-and-white square image containing blocks of data. For marketers, QR Codes were dull and a mismatch with the branding creatives of promotional material. Also, there was only so much you could do with them—show text, redirect to a website, or download a Vcard. But by 2018, QR Codes […]


Singapore to Adopt QR Codes to Empower its Cashless Drive

Since 2017, Singapore has been gradually initiating a cashless drive. It started with the Monetary Authority of Singapore deciding to roll out a common Singapore Quick Response Code (SG QR) sometime in 2018. They planned for QR Code adoption by payment service providers all across the country. It was also in 2017 that seven banks […]


QR Codes in School Textbooks to Make Learning More Interactive

The Ministry of Human Resources (MHRD) has announced on 29th Mar, 2018 that from next year, NCERT published textbooks will carry QR Codes. These QR Codes will contain additional resources such as web links to movies to help students understand the concepts better. Purpose of Using QR Codes The purpose of bringing QR Codes in school […]


Updated QR Codes to Provide More Security to Aadhaar Cards

Today, Aadhaar cards have become the most important and convenient piece of document for establishing your identity in India. From getting a new SIM card, accepting a courier, or opening a bank account – an Aadhaar card has become a mandatory prerequisite. Multiple incidents of Aadhaar data breach However, there have been multiple reports of […]