List of smartphones and apps with inbuilt QR Code reader

QR Codes are popularly known as advanced barcodes. These 2D barcodes were introduced way back in 1994 by Toyota, yet their popularity then was threatened with a major bottleneck – a QR Code Reader on a smartphone. But since then, things have changed much. Today QR Codes have become increasingly popular. From functional use cases […]


QR Codes in Thailand: 8 diverse use cases

QR Codes are not new in South East Asia. And if you take a walk in the markets of Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket, you will easily notice QR Codes on in-store and outdoor marketing material. Thai consumers are well aware of how to use QR Codes. In fact, they are so common in print marketing […]

Products & Apps

Opera Mini QR Code Scanner: Everything you need to know

If you use Opera Mini browser on your smartphone to view online content then there is good news for you.  Now you don’t need to download a QR Code scanner application separately. The popular mobile browser now comes with an in-built QR Code scanner feature. (See Top 7 free QR Code scanners for iPhone and Android) […]


QR Codes in UK and their common use cases

Between 2011 and 2012, when QR Codes first started to appear in marketing campaigns in the UK, smartphone and mobile internet penetration was significantly low compared to 2016. Even then, QR Codes in the country were scanned 3.3 million times in Q2 2012. In 2016, smartphone penetration stands at 76.6% compared to 44.1% in 2011 […]

About QR Codes

Advantages of QR Code: 6 real reasons to use them

This post is not about proving that QR Codes have an advantage over barcodes. A QR Code was designed to be better than a barcode in inventory management. Here are 4 reasons why they are better than barcodes. This post is about the advantages of a QR Code when used in print promotions. QR Codes have […]


Add QR Codes to your mail and get USPS postage discount

.United States Postal Service (USPS) has a history of promoting QR Codes. It does this by running incentive campaigns every year. USPS believes that direct mail is still a relevant component of marketing. And it wants to encourage its customers to invest in technologies that allow consumers to engage with mail i.e. QR Code technology. […]

Rest of the World

How QR Codes are used in Australia – 11 Examples

QR Codes were invented in Japan back in 1994. And the main aim behind their invention was— replacing barcodes in inventory management. Since then, they have been adopted for various other purposes. Some of them include—marketing, security, and identification (particularly in the West). Thanks to WeChat, the QR Codes have seen a massive adoption in […]

Middle East

QR Codes Gaining Popularity in the Middle East

QR Codes are extensively being used in the West for both operational and marketing use cases. In China as well as South East Asia, these square-shaped codes have become quite the rage. Statistics show that QR Codes are being widely used across the globe. And another region is rapidly adopting the technology—The Middle East. It […]


How nonprofits can increase conversion rate of print promotions

A nonprofit works thanklessly for a cause. A real cause they believe in and they work hard to get others to follow them. Typically, a nonprofit engages in activities like spreading awareness of the cause, sensitizing people about the issues, getting contributions from believers, and attracting volunteers who can help out. Nonprofits may not have […]