WPA3 Protocol—Learn about Wi-Fi’s security update in 14 years

In Jun 2018, the Wi-Fi Alliance launched the all new WPA3 Protocol for Wi-Fi networks. For the uninitiated, Wi-Fi Protected Access or WPA protocols are data security protocols. They protect data over Wi-Fi networks, including network passwords. WPA2 was introduced in 2004 and protected the password on a Wi-Fi network. It was an upgrade from […]

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QR Code in Mumbai Taxis and Autos to Strengthen Passenger Safety

Say you are travelling in a Mumbai taxi or auto-rickshaw (auto). And the driver misbehaves. Or takes the vehicle via a suspicious route. Or you’ve forgotten your belongings in the vehicle. To deal with these issues, the Maharashtra State Government in India has announced introduction of QR Code in Mumbai taxis and autos. The State […]

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Android Messages on PC: See how to chat via your computer screen

You are probably someone who spends a lot of time on your computer screen. This could be at your workplace or classroom. But you need to check your Android messages regularly and you find it difficult to do so. Fret not. It is now possible to view Android Messages on PC. In mid-2018, Google will […]

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LinkedIn QR Code: Simpler way to view and share profiles

Say you are active on LinkedIn. To network better, you have printed your profile link on your business card or resume. But typing the entire link is difficult for anybody. The good news is that you can now use a LinkedIn QR Code instead. In Jun 2018, the app introduced a profile QR Code feature. […]