Spotify Codes: A New Way to Help Users Share Songs

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services today. I am sure you have it installed on your phone and listen to music daily.  Plus, you know that QR Codes are being used in almost every area today, to which music is no exception. And your favourite music app—Spotify also got a QR […]

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Kroger Pay: A Mobile Payments Service For Kroger Customers In The US

Kroger, a popular grocery store chain in the US, launched its mobile payments service—Kroger Pay in Feb 2019. The main aim of this move is to enhance the in-store customer experience. It will help them make payments for their purchase and checkout smoothly. Kroger has currently launched this service in Columbus and Colorado. And plans […]

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Kiosks Open Across Virginia Beach: A Step To Help People Report Crime

A speedy procedure is most important to solve a crime. So, to speed up the process and help people report crimes, Virginia Beach Crime Solvers is opening “Crime Kiosks”. Crime Solvers opened the first kiosk in September 2018 at the Courthouse. They have finished installing kiosks at all Virginia Beach area Walmarts. What do the […]

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VClean Vending Machine: A Cheaper And Greener Dry Cleaning Service

You schlep your garments to laundry to dry-clean them. It requires you drive to the laundry, wait in the long queues to drop the clothes, and even inhale some nasty chemicals. This is both time taking and tiresome. The good news is that now you can simply drop your clothes at a VClean Vending Machine […]

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Maybank QRPay: Malaysia’s Mobile Cashless QR Code Payment System

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we do a lot of things. Over the years, they’ve replaced gadgets such as tape recorder, music system, calendar, calculator, alarm clock, camera, and even a QR Code scanner! There’s one more thing that smartphones seem to be replacing soon—cash payments. Many countries such as India, China, and even the […]


SriLanka to Use QR Codes to Enroll Students in Government Schools

In Nov 2017, Sri Lankan Education Minister, Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, proposed to use QR Codes for student identification. Under this initiative, every student will be assigned a unique QR Code for identification. The students’ fingerprints and unique numbers, will serve as a source for identification. How? Fingerprints and unique numbers will be linked to the […]

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Human-QR Code Formation: China Sets a New World Record

Trust China to come up with quirky uses of QR Codes. In a record-breaking feat, China has created the biggest human formation of a QR Code. The event took place in Zhengzhou, Central China’s Henan province. Human-QR Code Formation On Nov 1, 2017, more than 2,500 students from Sias International College came together to created […]

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QR Codes in Latin America: List of 4 Diverse Use Cases

QR Codes need no introduction. These 2D barcodes have made a place for themselves across various industries such as advertising, education, retail, healthcare, and payments. Countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Middle East, and India widely use QR Codes. Latin America is not far behind in the list of […]

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Russian QR Code Currency : 200 and 2,000 Rubil Bear a QR Code

QR Codes brought about a cashless payment revolution in countries such as China and India. But this isn’t where the buck stops for this technology. Russia has a huge internet-connected tech-savvy population that is using QR Codes for many use cases. And QR Codes have made way onto Rubel currency notes too. Russian QR Code […]


Chinese QR Code Field: Authorities Attract Tourists with Giant QR Code

The annual revenue from the tourism industry reached a staggering 7.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016. From beautifully shot video commercials to alluring prints ads, countries leave no stone unturned to attract tourists. Marketers have also come up with many unique, and quirky ways to bring in tourists. Once such country is China. Also read: How […]

QR Codes In Social Distancing: Ensure Proper Hygiene And Safety

The whole world in 2020 is facing the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the affected countries have declared a lockdown. And have urged their citizens to take precautions at personal level such as: 1. Wash hands regularly for at least 20 seconds2. Use a sanitizer in case soap and water is not available3. Refrain from touching […]