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VClean Vending Machine: A Cheaper And Greener Dry Cleaning Service

You schlep your garments to laundry to dry-clean them. It requires you drive to the laundry, wait in the long queues to drop the clothes, and even inhale some nasty chemicals. This is both time taking and tiresome. The good news is that now you can simply drop your clothes at a VClean Vending Machine […]


How To Generate QR Codes In EPS: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

Say you’re planning on running a QR Code campaign to promote one of your products. And you want to use print media to do it. To make your print media promotions actionable, you want to use QR Codes. They’ll make it easier for your audience to respond. And also help you track your conversions (if […]

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QR Code For GPS Location: Make Your Marketing Strategy Better

Say you’re doing print media promotions to increase traffic to your website. You’re using flyers and have put the link to your website on each one of them. You’ve handed out these flyers across five different locations in a city. A week later, you wish to track how many recipients actually visited your website and […]

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QR Code For Google Reviews: Get Your Customers To Review Your Business

You probably run a business and want to get your customers to review your business online. Your potential customers use these reviews to decide whether to buy your services or not.  But getting your existing customers to review your business can be challenging. This is extremely difficult if you do print promotions. They have to […]

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QR Codes In Russia: Diverse Cases For User Engagement

Russia, the largest country of the world, has over 83 million active internet users and high smartphone engagement. But how does the internet connected tech-savvy population uses QR Codes in Russia? Back in Jul 2012, J’son and Partners Consulting conducted a survey in Russia. The aim was to check QR Code awareness amongst the Russian citizens. […]

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Product QR Code: The Proven Way to Engage Your Buyers Via Packaging

You’re a product company and want to engage customers via your product packaging. The packaging is the first thing that people see while looking at a product. So you need to make your packaging attractive. While doing so, you also need to ensure a quality product for a competitive market. But there are always multiple […]

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QR Codes For Senior Citizens: An Effort To Help The Elderly

Aging comes with complications that one has never faced earlier in life. Some of them such as Alzheimer’s and Demnetia can be most problematic to the elderly. QR Codes for senior citizens can help them be safe from situations arising from memory loss and other cognitive health issues. An extraordinary range of care and services […]

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Bike QR Code: A Simple Way To Rent And Share Bicycles

You know about taxi apps like Uber, Lyft, etc. They help you get a taxi by connecting you to nearby drivers. But in populated cities, heavy traffic can make traveling by a car a pain. Using bicycles to commute can not only help solve this problem, but also help curb pollution. This can be a […]

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QR Chem: An Online Tool to Visualise 3D Molecular Structures

You are studying or have studied chemistry. You know that 3D molecular structures of chemicals are important to conceptualise many problems in chemistry. To find and visualise the 3D structure of a molecule, you had to put efforts and time to surf the internet. Good News is that QR Chem has been developed by students […]

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QR Code Error Correction: Everything you need to know

You know what are QR Codes and how to create one. You have probably noticed the scannability of a QR Code despite there being dirt or damage. And you have also seen QR Codes with a logo. Despite there being a damage or an error, the QR Code being used scans perfectly fine. This is […]