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Some Bizarre QR Code Use Cases: A Complete List

The popularity of QR Codes is definitely increasing. All thanks to increased smartphone penetration, fast internet speed, and contactless delivery. Some of the most common use cases of QR Codes are product packaging and payments. I am sure, you must have scanned a QR Code to make a payment. Hence, today you can spot a […]

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Get Started with the Best Guides From Scanova Blog

Our expert guides will detail on all you need to know about QR Codes. Broaden your knowledge by getting professional tips and latest news on QR Code. A. QR Code Basics The helpful guides will assist you with the fundamentals of QR Codes and their working. 1. What is a QR Code What is a […]

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What is a dynamic QR Code: Benefits and Use Cases

You know what a QR Code is. It is a 2D barcode that stores alphanumeric information just like a barcode. But unlike a barcode, it doesn’t store limited information. Neither is it non-editable. Yes, a QR Code can store a lot more information than a barcode. And the content encoded in a QR Code can […]


Make Life Fun In Lockdown With QR Codes

The whole world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic. To fight the virus, many nations have declared a lockdown. Plus, they are also encouraging citizens to practice social distancing. WHO has also given some guidelines on how to maintain personal hygiene and safety. These are: 1. Avoid touching your face (especially eyes, nose, and mouth)2. Wash […]

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How To Use QR Codes In Human Resource Industry

Human resource agencies aim to make the recruitment process faster, better, and fairer for the companies on board. Many companies also have their own human resource department for this purpose. The main aim is to tap the right talent for a particular job profile. And for this, the first step is to define the job […]

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How to add QR Codes on PPE kits and coveralls to meet regulations

The world is facing a pandemic, which has created an acute economic crisis. In order to ensure the safety of its citizens, many countries have declared a lockdown. WHO has also stated the following precautions to be taken to fight coronavirus: 1. Wash hands regularly for at least 20 seconds2. Use a sanitizer in case […]

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Text To QR Code: A Complete Comprehensive Guide

You want to encode text in a QR Code. It could be for any purpose. For example: 1. Creating mobile-readable coupons 2. Encoding a special message for someone 3. Adding answers to questions for a test in your classroom 4. Encoding tracking credentials for your products (such as batch number, IS, and expiry date) 5. […]


QR Code For Excel File: Share Your Files Seamlessly

You have created an excel spreadsheet. This could be for various purposes such as budget planning, record-keeping, and presenting your company’s financial reports. And you want to share this spreadsheet report with others. It could be with your colleagues, boss, or clients. So you want to find an easy, effective, and scalable way to do […]

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Custom 2D Codes: A Comprehensive List Of Mobile Apps Using 2D Codes

You’ve seen and even used 2D barcodes or 2D Codes already. These include QR Codes, data matrix, and MaxiCodes. They store information and help end-users access it easily. So many mobile applications are now using their own unique 2D Codes also called Custom 2D Codes. Wondering what are they used for? Here are some use […]

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How To Create QR Code For A Survey: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Say you’ve a restaurant and you want to run a survey to learn more about your customers. Or how well your services are doing. And you generally conduct it in either of the two ways: First, you distribute paper survey forms to your customers. And ask them to fill it on-the-spot. Though, you do get […]

Contactless Retail With QR Codes: 8 Popular Use Cases

You probably own a retail store. It could be to deal in apparels, groceries, electronic gadgets, or anything else. And you want to ensure a safe shopping experience for your customers. Now ever since the pandemic has hit the globe, contactless experience has become paramount for customers. While they want to step out of their […]