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How To Make A Custom QR Code with Logo: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

You want to create a QR Code for your print media creatives. Well, because QR Codes are popular now and everyone is using them. You probably already know how to make a QR Code.

But what you should know is that a custom-designed QR Code attracts many more scans than a plain black-and-white one.

While a black-and-white QR Code is impersonal and generic, a custom QR Code differentiates itself to attract user attention.

This is particularly important if your use case of QR Codes is marketing. If your target audience is going to see your print creatives, then the QR Code should stand out as a call-to-action.

So what you need is a QR Code generator that allows you to customize your QR Codes to merge well with your brand graphics.

Here are the basic elements of a QR Code that can be designed:

how to make a custom qr code: qr code anatomy

Hence, you can:
1. Add your brand logo in the centre of your QR Code or as a background image
2. Edit the color of the eyes and data modules
3. Edit the pattern of the eyes and data modules

A. Types of QR Codes with a logo

QR Code designing capabilities differ across different QR Code generators. However, most of the QR Code designs fall under two major categories:

1. QR Code with image as a logo in the centre

You would’ve already seen QR Codes of this design—having a brand logo in the centre. It is the most popular QR Code design.

custom logo design—Facebook

But will adding a logo not interfere with the scannability of your QR Code? Don’t worry. It won’t!

Though adding a logo requires a few data modules to be removed from the centre of the QR Code, it still remains scannable. How? This is because QR Codes have the property of error correction.

Error correction in a QR Code helps it remain scannable even if it is damaged up to 30%.

The level of damage depends upon the level of error correction applied while creating the QR Code: L (7%), M (14%), H (21%), V (30%).

Note that you should choose at least level H or V to add a logo to your QR Code. This will ensure high number of rows and columns of data modules in your QR Code and hence, high scannability.

QR Code with text as the logo in centre

You can even add text as a logo to the centre of the QR Code just like adding an image as a logo.

The text can be anything such as—Scan here, Scan to win, and Scan to RSVP.

Text as logo design

This QR Code design option helps you tell your audience what to do or what to expect after scanning the QR Code. Hence, increases the chances of maximum people scanning your QR Code.

2. QR Code with image as its background

If you want the QR Code to be merged with your print media creatives, this design is what you need. Rather than adding image as a logo in the centre, you can add it as a background image of your QR Code.

how to make a custom qr code: custom background

As no data modules are removed in this design, you can keep error correction level as L or M. So your QR Code can have a lesser number of rows and columns of data modules.

The downside of using this design is that your QR Code elements will be black-and-white while the background image will be colored. This means that you can not add your brand colors to the QR Code in this design.

B. Choose a QR Code Generator with custom designing capabilities

You’ll find many online QR Code generators that claim to provide free QR Codes. But only a few provide high-quality custom designing capabilities.

You can see a detailed comparison of QR Code Generators here:

QR Code Generator with custom logo: comparison infographic

Since Scanova QR Code generator offers both QR Code designs, we will be using Scanova in our step-by-step guide.

C. How to make a custom QR Code

1. Go to Scanova QR Code Generator and click on Create QR Code

2. Select the QR Code category you want: Website URL, Google maps, Social Media, Vcard profile, etc. For demo purposes, say you want to create a Website URL QR Code. So select Website URL from the list of QR Code categories

Design website URL QR Code

3. Enter the URL of your website and click Continue

4. Next you’ll see two QR Code designs on your screen: Custom with Logo and Custom with Background. You can test these QR Codes with a QR Code reader application

Choose design for QR Code

i. To create a Custom QR Code design with Logo in the centre:

i. Click the Customize and Download button under the first design. This will take you to the designing tool where you can customize your QR Code by adding a logo, changing color, pattern, and background color

ii. First, the logo tab will open by-default

Create custom designed QR Code

Here you’ll see the following options:

-Add New Image: Click this option to upload your logo image in PNG, JPG or SVG format

-Size: It allows you to increase or decrease the size of your logo within the QR Code

-Rotation: It rotates your logo clockwise or anti-clockwise

-Remove Blocks Around Logo: On checking this option ‘yes’, it removes data modules around your logo

-Error Correction: It allows you to select the level of error correction. It is recommended to choose level H or V while creating a custom logo QR Code design

Add text as logo option

Click this option to add text as logo. Here you can change the text box size, change color and font of the text along with options such as bold and italics.

iii. In the Eyes tab, you can change the pattern and color of eyes of the QR Code

iv. In the Data tab, you can change the pattern and color of data modules

5. Once you finalize the QR Code design, click Done Editing. Go ahead to Download your QR Code. A pop-up will appear prompting you to sign-up for a 14-day free trial. Note that you’ll need to sign-up to be able to download your QR Code image

6. Once you sign-up, you’ll be able to download your QR Code image in the size and format you need: SVG, PNG, JPG, etc.
It is advisable that you download the image in vector format (SVG, EPS) if you want to add your QR Code in print material.

Always make sure that you scan the QR Code with a QR Code scanning application before printing it on your campaign material.

ii. To create QR Code design with Background Image

i. Say you want to create a QR Code with your logo in the background. In that case, you’ll have to click Customize and Download button under the second design option

ii. You’ll be redirected to the designing tool page. In the image tab, click Add New Image to upload your image to the background

iii. You can resize and position your QR Code on the image as per your requirement

iv. In the Eye tab, you can change the pattern of eyes of the QR Code

Create background design QR Code

v. In the Data tab, you can change the pattern of data modules
Note that you can not change the color of eyes or data in a Custom background QR Code design

vi. Click Preview to see the design of your QR Code image. You can edit the position of your QR Code with Reposition option

vii. Once your QR Code design is ready, click Download. Note that you’ll need to sign-up for a 14-day free trial to be able to download your QR Code image

viii. Once you sign-up, you can download your QR Code image in PNG or JPG format. This is because the image you uploaded was in PNG/JPG format too. Also, the size of the image downloaded will be equal to the size of the background image uploaded

Note that it is always better to create a dynamic QR Code. A dynamic QR Code is both editable and trackable. Hence, it will allow you to change the logo or background image of your QR Code whenever you want.

That’s all you need to know on how to make a custom QR Code. A custom QR Code attracts users to help you get the maximum number of scans.

Custom QR Code with logo: Infographic

If you still have any queries, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

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