ID Card With QR Code: A Better Way To Authenticate Entries

Say you are an employer or the head of a sports club, gym, library, educational institute. And you want to authenticate the entry of employees, members, visitors to your work premises. You obviously do not wish to share your workspace with trespassers or irrelevant people. You only want authorized personnel to be given entry. Now […]

How To Create Business Card QR Codes For Employees: An In-Depth Guide

You know what is a Business Card QR Code. A QR Code on business card helps you share much more information than a traditional business card. For example—a traditional business card provides only general contact details (such as name, mobile number, and email ID). But a QR Code Business Card allows you share much more […]

How To Create QR Code Labels: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

You are probably a part of the logistics team of your company. And your task is to put QR Code labels on each product for inventory or shelf management. Or say you are a museum exhibitor and want to put QR Code labels on each artefact. Or in order to track the attendance of the […]

What is QR Code Batch Generation: Everything You Need To Know

You know what is a QR Code and how to create one. There are many online QR Code Generators that allow you create static and dynamic QR Codes one-by-one. But say you want to create QR Codes in large numbers. This may be for use cases such as: 1. QR Code labels for inventory management2. […]

Bulk QR Code Generator With Logo: A Complete Step-by-Step guide

You know what QR Code batch generation is and you want to create QR Codes in bulk. But what you also want is—to customise the design of your QR Codes. And you’re right to do it. Personalised QR Codes attract more scans than plain black-and-white ones. This is because branded QR Codes differentiate themselves from […]