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Best Bulk QR Code Generator Tool 2021: A Comprehensive Analysis

QR Code technology has hit almost every sector. From single use cases such as a feedback form to bulk use cases such as inventory management—QR Codes are being used in all.

And you are planning to use QR Codes for your use case. And your use case requires QR Codes in bulk. That is, it could be for identity cards, product catalogues, event management, inventory management, or postal mail campaigns. And you are looking for a professional bulk QR Code generator tool.

For this, you do a quick Google research. And get pages of results. But how do you know which bulk QR Code generator tool will suit your purpose best?

To make your task easier, we have done a comparative analysis of the best bulk QR Code generator tools. This will help you decide the best one for your use case.

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A. How to spot the right bulk QR Code generator for your purpose

While choosing a QR Code generator tool, you will obviously have some requirements in mind. Requirements such as pricing and time taken to process a batch.

And a good tool should complete the required task in an easy and cost-effective way.

So, while choosing the best Bulk QR Code Generator for you, keep the following features in mind:

1. Choose from multiple QR Codes categories

You choose a QR Code category according the content you want to add. For example, if you want to add text in the QR Code, you will select the category of Text QR Code. Likewise, if you want QR Codes for inventory management, you will most likely create Serial Codes QR Code.

Or say you want a QR Code for business purposes— QR Code based business cards. For this, you will need to create a VCard QR Code. And you will look for a bulk QR Code generator tool that offers this category.

Advanced QR Code generator tools will offer multiple categories such as Website URL, text, VCard, and Serial code.

Choose the bulk QR Code generator that provides the content category that you need.

2. Create custom-designed QR Codes

Say for an event, there are black-and white QR Codes on different spots. How many people will actually notice it? And actually scan it?

A black-and-white QR Code is dull and boring to look at. But if you add colors and design to your QR Codes, they become a point-of-engagement.

Think of a custom-designed QR Code as a piece of art. That is, you can add a logo, change background image, background color, pattern and color of eyes, pattern and color of data modules, and much more.

A branded QR Code also attracts 50-200% more scans as compared to plain black-and-white QR Codes.

best bulk QR Code generator

So if your use case requires you to differentiate your QR Codes, then choose a bulk QR Code generator with design features.

3. Add error correction to QR Codes

With adequate error correction, you can ensure that the QR Code remains scannable.

So, error correction is very important if you are adding a logo to your QR Code.

Plus, it is also important in cases where the QR Code is vulnerable to wear and tear. For example—QR Codes on product packaging to manage inventory. Since QR Codes will be subjected to factory and transport environment, they’ll be susceptible to damage and dirt.

Error correction will ensure that the QR Codes are scannable irrespective of slight damage or dirt.

So choose a generator that allows you to add and modify error correction as per requirements.

4. Generate high resolution QR Code images

Any common bulk QR Code generator tool will help you export QR Codes in raster formats such as PNG and JPG. Only advanced QR Codes will facilitate exporting QR Codes in vector formats such as SVG.

For the uninitiated, vectors do not pixelate irrespective of how much you scale its size.

Plus, vectors (SVG) is what your designer—working on Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, or Sketch 3—will ask for.

So, make sure that the bulk QR Code generator tool you choose allows you to export vectors in required size.

5. Export QR Codes in required size

Whether you want QR Codes on business cards or you want to place them on hoardings— choose a bulk QR Code generator that allows you to customize the QR Code size.

Exporting and printing the correct size of the QR Code will ensure that it does not pixelate and remains scannable.

Also note that the minimum size of a printed QR Code should be at least 1.2 inch or 3 cm or 360 pixels (300 DPI) in width and height.

To calculate the ideal size of the QR Code for your use case, see our guide on QR Code minimum size.

6. Generate printable QR Codes labels

If you’re generating QR Codes in bulk, there is a high chance that you need to print these on labels. You can then easily peel the label sticker and paste the QR Code at its designated place.

Create printable labels

Basic bulk QR Code generators will only allow you to generate QR Code images. To create labels, you will need to use the mail merge feature on MS-Word document. This is a highly tedious process.

But an advanced bulk QR Code generator tool such as QR Batch allows you to directly export QR Code labels PDF. You can choose from a list of 10 standard label layouts. Plus, you can also choose the QR Code label size you need.

7. Generate QR Code batch quickly

Many online bulk QR Code generation options are actually services. That is, you send the data sheet with QR Code specifications, and the service providers will deliver the QR Code images (via Email or FTP) in a couple of days. Such service providers are also expensive as they involve human intervention. Such a service fails if you need the QR Codes quickly.

So if you need your QR Code batch quickly, use an online tool that is completely automated and generates QR Code batches in a matter of minutes/hours. Note that automated tools also provide technical support in case of any issues.

8. Pay a sensible price

Most of the bulk QR Code generator tools do not have a subscription plan. They are generally based on a pay-as-you-go model. That is, you only pay a one-time fee for the QR Codes you generate in a batch. No subscription is required.

So, choose a QR Code Generator that does not cross your budget. In other words, has sensible pricing.

So these were the features you should keep in mind to make the right choice.

B. Best QR Code Generator tool—A Comparison Chart

So now you know what features to lookout for when you choose an online bulk QR Code generator. But still there are many available options when you Google search. It won’t be possible to go through each—it will be a task and consume a lot of your time.

But don’t worry.

We conducted an exhaustive research of the best bulk QR Code generator tools. And came up with a comparison chart. This will make your work easier. And help you select the one that meets your requirement.

Best bulk QR Code generator chart

So, this is all you need to know to choose the right bulk QR Code generator tool. And if you are looking for the next step—here is a detailed guide on how to create QR Codes in bulk.

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