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Text QR Codes in Bulk: A Quick Guide to Bulk Operations

QR Codes are a great way to share the required information with your audience. These modern-day barcodes have gained popularity across every industry for many use cases.

And it makes sense! QR Codes can store up to 7,089 characters. This means a lot more information than traditional barcodes. This makes it possible for QR Codes to share a wide array of content. For example, text, web links, and even multimedia.

You want to create QR Codes too. And you want to add text to them. This could be for any use case such as:

  • Adding coupon codes and offer details to be shared with the customers
  • Sharing detailed product information via its packaging
  • Adding instructions on how to use an equipment
  • Relaying manufacturing-related details or warranty information of any product with the customers
  • Helping with inventory management operations of the company

The use case can be anything. And you need to create Text QR Codes in bulk here. In this article, we will discuss how bulk operations work for Text QR Codes.

A. Text QR Codes in bulk: A quick brief

As the name suggests, these QR Codes help you add text to them. When end-users scan the QR Code, they see the encoded text on their phones.

And scanning a QR Code is as easy as clicking a picture. You just need to open the camera application on your phone and hold it in front of the QR Code. Within a second or two, you’ll see a pop-up and the QR Code will be scanned.

In case that doesn’t happen, you can install any third-party QR Code scanning app and use it to do the needful.

Also, since your requirement is huge, you’ll need a bulk generation service. No need for you to put a lot of time and effort into generating each QR Code individually.

Services such as QR Batch help you create up to 100,000 QR Codes in bulk. Using it, here’s what all you can do:

  • Add a design to your QR Codes. This can be done by either adding a logo and colors or a background image
  • Download your QR Codes as images or print-ready labels
  • Generate QR Codes as custom images

Now that you know everything about Text QR Codes in bulk, let’s see how you can create them:

B. How to create QR Codes in bulk

The first step would be to find a suitable bulk QR Code generator.
As discussed already, a generic QR Code generator will help you create QR Codes one-by-one. But with a bulk generator, you can create hundreds and thousands of RQ Codes within minutes.

1. Find a bulk generation service

You can go to Google and quickly type bulk QR Code generator’. You’d then get pages of results to choose from. But going through each of them for comparison can be quite a task.

However, doing that might take really long. And there isn’t really a need for you to do so. Our team of experts has created a detailed list of the top bulk generators available online. You can go through it and decide which one you’d like to go ahead with.

2. QR Code generation

Using the bulk QR Code generator—QR Batch, here’s how to proceed:

i. Create a spreadsheet and review data

a. First, go to QR Batch and sign-up to create an account

Note that signing up won’t need you to add any credit card details.

b. Now, you will see the following options to choose from:

Generate QR Codes as Images: Using it, you can download your batch of QR Codes as images in a zip folder
Generate QR Codes as Labels: With this option, you can export your QR Codes as print-ready labels for A4 sheets

You can choose either of them and proceed.

c. On the next page, you need to select the Text QR Code category from the following options:

  • Website: This category helps you add web links to QR Codes
  • Plain text: To add text, this is the category you’ll need to go ahead with
  • Vcard: It helps you add contact information to the QR Codes
  • Serial code: It allows you to add serial codes to QR Codes. No need to create a spreadsheet for this category
  • Random code: It generates QR Codes having random codes in them

Click on Text and move to the net step

d. Now, you will have to upload a spreadsheet with the textual information you need to add to the QR Codes

All you need to do is:

  • Open a spreadsheet
  • Name the first column as ‘filename’ and the second as ‘text’. QR Codes generated will have the same name as mentioned in the first column
  • The second column shall have text to be added to each QR Code
    After creating the spreadsheet, save it in CSV, XLS, or XLSX format.

Now go back to where you left on the QR Batch website and upload the spreadsheet to move ahead.

You will then have to review the data in each column with the options in the dropdown menu.

ii. Add a design to your QR Codes

e. After uploading the data and reviewing it, you’ll see the option to design your QR Codes. This can be done in three ways:

  • The standard design: It gives you black-and-white QR Codes
  • The Custom Logo design: It allows you to add a logo and colors to the QR Code
  • Custom Background design: With it, you can add a background image to the QR Code

You must add design to the QR Codes if you need to use them for promotional or customer-facing roles. That’s because customized QR Codes attract a lot more scans than the black-and-white ones. Here’s how you can do it.

f. Next, you can proceed to download the QR Codes

iii. Download the batch

g. After hitting the download button, you’ll see details of the batch. For example, the number of QR Codes, data, and batch price. As you complete the payment, your batch will start processing

h. After the batch gets processed, you can download it from the My Batches section. You will also receive an email containing a link to download your batch

That’s it. You now know everything about Text QR Codes and how to create them in bulk.

So go ahead and get started with your first batch of QR Codes:

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