Today many retailers are using QR Codes to make shopping experience better for customers. To ride this wave, global retail brand Zara unveiled a pioneer store in Stratford Mall, London in May 18, 2018,. This can be dubbed as a step further towards integrating online and offline shopping experiences.

A. Automated collection points that use QR Codes

The 48,000 sq. ft. store has two dedicated online order collection points. At each pick-up point is a barcode scanner which is able to scan QR Codes or PIN codes. These codes are generated when Zara’s customers shop online.

Behind the collection point is a robotic arm which sorts packages according to their sizes which shoppers can collect in seconds. One can collect the online orders the same day if ordered before 2 PM and the next day if done later.

The concealed service area behind these two collection points can handle upto 2,400 orders simultaneously.

Inside Zara’s Innovative Store in Stratford Mall

(Source: IOL)

B. Other innovative features of the store

The store also has a vast array of other technologically-advanced features such as:

a. Interactive Mirrors

There are interactive mirrors equipped with RFID tag readers that help customers digitally preview the outfit on themselves.

b. Payment Options

After selecting outfits, customers can approach the nearest store associates for making a purchase. Associates have iPads to advise customers on availability, inventory, and payments options. Customers can now pay using their mobiles phones by downloading the Zara or Inditex Group app (InWallet).

c. Self-Service Areas

The store also has a self-service area with a screen that identifies the outfits selected by the customer. All the customer needs to do is confirm the items on the screen and proceed for checkout.

Outside Zara’s Innovative Store at Stratford Mall

(Source: IOL)

“In recent years we have invested in both the most advanced technology and optimised our stores for this aim. Our business model combines stores and digital seamlessly, and we are ready for the opportunities that this brings with current and new customers.” – Pablo Isla, Inditex Group’s Chairman and CEO.

The Stratford Mall Store is designed to help both online and offline shoppers have a better shopping experience by providing them with smart systems. These systems help avoid long queues, check out faster, reduce greenhouse emissions, and save energy.

The refurbishment of this store comes in line with Zara’s introduction of an augmented reality-based experience that has already been introduced in 120 other stores worldwide two weeks ago.

It will now be interesting to see what other brands have in store to up their strategy and customer experience. Irrespectively, it will be a win-win for the shoppers in the end.

(Featured Image: IOL)

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