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How To Create QR Code Labels: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

You are probably a part of the logistics team of your company. And your task is to put QR Code labels on each product for inventory or shelf management.

Or say you are a museum exhibitor and want to put QR Code labels on each artefact.

Or in order to track the attendance of the field sales agent of your company, you paste QR Code labels on the respective store they visit. 

Other use cases could be courier tracking, shipping and receiving, event ticketing, identity verification, amongst others.

To achieve the task for all the use cases mentioned above, you approach a printer who prints QR Code label sheets for you. Yet, this task is expensive as you need prints in bulk.  

Plus it is time consuming. Many-a-times, you do get frustrated by the amount of time your printer takes to print QR Code labels in bulk. 

What if I tell you that you can now actually resolve these challenges. 

That is, instead of going to your printer and specifying your requirements, you can actually create QR Code label PDFs on your own. And print them either on your home or office printer.

Keep reading the article to know more.

Create QR Code labels— All you need to know

To create a QR Code label PDF, you first need to decide on the content you want to encode.

For example, for inventory tracking, you generally store serial codes or text in a QR Code label. You then paste the QR Code label on each product that the wholesaler sold.

Similarly, in museums, the labels normally contain detailed information about the artefact, images, videos, or maybe some graphics.

Here, you need to store URL of the relevant content. Upon scanning, the visitors are redirected to the page where this information is stored. 

Or say for maintenance use cases like tracking attendance or providing entry access, you will generally store serial code in a QR Code label. 

So, once you know the content you have to encode, the next step is to generate the QR Codes.

How to create QR Code labels

Since the number of QR Codes label you require is high, it is not feasible for you to create QR Codes one-by-one. You need to find an online bulk QR Code generator tool.

For demo purpose, we’ll be using QR Batch to create QR Code labels in bulk.

Using QR Batch, you can create the following types of QR Code batches:

1. Serial code QR Codes
2. Website URL QR Codes
3. Simple Text QR Codes
Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create QR Code labels:

a. Specify the data

To generate Website URL, or Simple Text QR Codes, you’ll have to create a spreadsheet containing data. Here is a detailed guide of how to create one.

In this article we’ll focus on how to specify data for text QR Codes. Simply follow these steps:

i. First, go to QR Batch and select Plain Text option

ii. Upload the spreadsheet you just created.

Create text QR Code labels

iii. Review uploaded file by matching the columns of uploaded file with the fields of chosen QR Code. That is, if the column name is filename, choose filename and then click on confirm.

iv. Once you enter all the details, click Next

b. Add design to QR Codes

Once you specify data and proceed further, you’ll see three QR Code designs: Standard black-and-white, Custom logo, and Custom background.

add design to your QR Code label

You can proceed with either of them. If you want to start from scratch, go for standard black and white QR Codes. 

Designing allows you add logo and your brand colors to the QR Codes. You can also customize the background image and give your QR Code a personal touch. Hence, it attracts more scans as compared to standard black and white QR Codes.

So customized QR Codes are especially recommended for marketing and promotional purposes.

c. Specify label size and other details

To proceed further, say after you design your QR Code batch, click select under QR Code design.

A pop-up will appear prompting you to define the batch name. Here you will also see two export options—Export as QR Code image and QR Code labels PDF.

Define QR Code label size

Click on QR Code labels PDF and specify the QR Code size, that is the labels you want per sheet. This can range from 1-80 labels per sheet.

Here is a list of QR Code labels per sheet:

  • 3/4 ‘X 3/4’, 80 Labels per sheet, Avery 94102
  • 1’ X 1’, 48 labels per sheet, Avery 94103
  • 1-1/2 ‘X 1-1/2 ‘, 20 labels per sheet, Avery 94106
  • 2’ X 2’, 12 labels per sheet, Avery 94107 (also compatible with 22806, 22816, 22853, 22921, 22922, 22960, 64503, 80510)
  • 2-1/8 ‘ X 2-1/8 ‘. 12 labels per sheet, Avery 94105
  • 2-1/2 ‘ X 2-1/2 ‘, 9 labels per sheet, Avery 94104
  • 2-3/4 ‘ X 2-3/4 ‘, 6 labels per sheet, Avery 94109
  • 3’ X 3’, 6 labels per sheet, Avery 94101
  • 4’ X 4’, 4 labels per sheet, Avery 94100
  • 8’ X 8’, 1 label per sheet, Avery 94108

Once you choose the QR Code size that suits your purpose best, you will get a comprehensive label specification— sheet size, labels per sheet, margin (left and right), shape, and Avery compatibility. 

You will also see the QR Code label layout preview. If all looks fine to you, click on Next.

Next, the tool will ask you for a final confirmation. You’ll be able to see QR Code preview for one of the QR Codes.

Payment of QR Code label

d. Make payment

The major advantage of QR Batch is that it charges you only for the QR Codes you create. The higher the number, the cheaper the rate.

You can also get an estimate of the batch price with QR Batch Price Calculator.

Here is an idea of how much QR Codes label PDF will cost you—

  • Price of 1 QR Code= $0.50 
  • Price of 50 QR Codes=$13 ($0.26 per QR Code)

Note that cost per QR Code label will reduce, as your number of QR Code label increases.

e. Download your QR Code Batch

Once you make payment, your QR Code Batch will be generated within a few minutes. If the batch size is large (in thousands), it can take about an hour.

As the batch gets generated, you’ll be able to download it from Download Batch section. You will get notification on batch process and batch completion on your dashboard itself. You just need to click on the notification icon to know the updates.

You’ll also be notified via email as the batch gets ready.

Your QR Code Label PDF’s will be downloaded in a zip folder. Unzip the folder, open a PDF, and scan one of the QR Codes to test the output.

You can now print the QR Code label PDF on compatible Avery sheets or equivalent sheets using your home or office printer.

That’s all you need to know on how to create QR Code labels.

You now see that creating and printing QR Codes label PDF becomes so easy and convenient. 

You no longer need to create a MS- Word document and use the feature ‘Mail Merge’ for a suitable sheet. And then find a printer to print the bulk.

I am sure the logistic team of your company will feel much relieved from the multiple rounds to the printing shop!

If you’re looking for a good QR Code printer, you can refer to this guide. If still have any queries, ask them in the comments below.

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