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QR Codes to Share E-Books in Bulk: An In-Depth Guide

QR Codes are a famous O2O technology. They have been around for over two decades and have become more famous than ever.

The increase in smartphone penetration globally, access to high-speed internet, and their contactless nature (amidst the pandemic) have boosted their adoption.

Their ability to store versatile content gives them an edge over barcodes. From text and numbers to weblinks and multimedia, they can share a wide array of content.

And you now want to use them for one of your use cases. You need QR Codes to share e-books. And why not? They are one of the simplest ways to do so.

In fact, they are a pretty easy solution for the end-users too. They just need a camera-enabled smartphone to scan the QR Code and access the e-book.

But here’s the thing—you want to share e-books in bulk via QR Codes. That means you have multiple e-books and need to create a QR Code for each of them.

Now, you can go to a generic QR Code generator and do the needful. But that will take a lot of time and effort. Introducing—Bulk QR Code generator.

In this article, we will discuss how you can create QR Codes to share e-books in bulk. Keep reading to learn more.

A. QR Batch: A hassle-free bulk QR Code generator

You want to create QR Codes that, when scanned, help the end-users see the encoded e-book. And since the number of QR Codes needed here is large, you need a bulk generation service.

QR Batch is a bulk QR Code generator by Scanova. It helps you create up to 100,000 QR Codes in bulk in no time.

You no longer need to go to a generic QR Code generator to create all the QR Codes. After all, that will not only take a lot of your time but also effort.

But with QR Batch, you don’t need to do that. All you need is a spreadsheet with the data to be added to the QR Codes.

In addition to saving your effort, here are some other benefits that bulk generation of QR Codes has:

1. Custom design for the whole batch

Bulk operation does not mean you can only create black-and-white QR Codes. You can get as creative with their design as you want. You can do it in two ways:

First, by adding colors and a logo in the centre of the QR Code. You can also add a background color to it. Just make sure that there is high contrast between the background color and the QR Code. Poor contrast will render the QR Code unscannable.

This is called Custom Logo design of QR Codes. It also helps you change the pattern of QR Code’s eyes and data patterns.

Second, by adding an image to the background of the QR Codes. Here also you can change the pattern of eyes and data patterns. However, to maintain the scannability of the QR Code, you can’t change the QR Code’s color here.

This is called the Custom Background design of QR Codes.

2. Export QR Codes as images or labels

While most services allow you to export QR Codes as images, QR Batch helps you export them as printable labels.

You can select from various layout options. No need for you to assemble the QR Codes files into printable label format manually. QR Batch does it for you.

3. High-resolution image formats

In case you want to export QR Codes as images, you can go for high-resolution formats. This would be especially useful if you need to print the QR Codes. Why?

That’s because vector formats (such as SVG and PDF) are needed for print purposes. These formats do not pixelate despite any resizing done. Hence, they’re preferred by the designers.

On the other hand, raster formats (such as PNG and JPG) are suitable for digital resolutions.

Now that you know about bulk operations, let’s see how you can create QR Codes to share e-books in bulk.

B. Steps to create QR Codes for e-books in bulk

1. Find a bulk QR Code generator

First, you obviously need to find a bulk generation service. Now if you go to a search engine, you’ll find plenty of relevant results.

But comparing them to see which one is the best will take a lot of your time. Fret not!

Here’s a quick comparison chart that compares the top bulk QR Code generators online.

Just go through it and make a sound decision for yourself. In this article, we are using QR Batch for a demo:

2. Detailed steps for bulk generation of QR Codes

Go to QR Batch and do a quick sign-up. You will not have to give any credit card details while doing so.

After you sign up, you will see your dashboard. Now click on Create Batch.
Once done, you can select if you want the QR Codes to be generated as Images or Labels.

Select whichever option you’d like to go ahead with and follow these steps:

a. Select the relevant QR Code category

Once you sign-up, you will see the following content categories on your screen:

  • Website URL
  • Plain Text
  • Serial Code
  • Random Code
  • Vcard (Virtual Business Card)

Click on the Website URL category to proceed ahead.

b. Make and upload a spreadsheet

Now open a spreadsheet. Here, you will have to add the links to your e-books.

In case you do not already have the links, you can upload the e-books on a cloud storage service. For example, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon S3. Once done, you can get the link to each of these e-books.

Now go to your spreadsheet. Here, the first column would be the Filename. The QR Codes generated will have these filenames.

The second column will have links to e-books. Once you have entered all the data, export the spreadsheet in CSV, XLS, or XLSX format.

Once done, go back to where you left on QR Batch. Click on the Upload File button. Now, click Upload Data File.

Now you can click on the Review Data button. Doing so will take you to the next step.

Here, you can match the columns in the spreadsheet with those in the dropdown menu and click Confirm.

After you’ve matched all the columns, click Next.

c. Design your QR Codes

On the page you land, you will be able to design your QR Codes. You will see the following three options to choose from:

  • Standard design
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Custom Background Design

Depending on whether you want to Select or Customize your batch of QR Codes, you can click on the suitable option under any design alternative.

Once you’re done customizing the design, click Select.

d. Batch name and export details

After finalizing everything, a window will prompt you to enter a name for the batch. In the same window, you’ll have to select a couple of more details depending on whether you chose:

Download QR Codes as images: If you had selected this option in the beginning, you’ll have to add the format of QR Code images to be downloaded.

As mentioned above, in case you need to print the QR Codes, you must go for vector formats. For example, SVG and PDF. Once you add these details, click Next.

Download QR Codes as labels: If you chose this option in the beginning, you’ll have to select the label sheet layout. You will be able to select the one as per your needs from the dropdown menu.

After selecting the layout, you’ll see details such as:

  • QR Code size
  • Margin
  • Labels per sheet
  • Shape
  • Compatibility

After finalizing the layout, click on Next.

e. Make payment and download the batch

Now, you’ll see a preview of one of the QR Codes and other details of the batch. You will also see the total price of the batch. If everything looks fine, you can proceed to make payment.

The higher the number of QR Codes in the batch, the lower will be the price per QR Code. To know more about it, you can visit the pricing page.

Once the payment is made, the batch shall start progressing. You can monitor the progress from the My Batch section. Once generated, you can download the whole batch. In addition, you will also be notified via email once the batch is ready.

That’s all you need to know about how to create QR Codes to share e-books. You can now go ahead and get started with the bulk generation of QR Codes.

Create QR Codes to Share E-Books in Bulk

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