Businesses are always on the lookout to make operations better and promotions more effective. And technology helps you a great deal to achieve these goals.

You want to do the same via QR Codes. And the good news is that they can help you look after almost every business operation.

You may wonder—why should I use a QR Code when a barcode is another alternative. Well, that’s because there’s a limit to what barcodes can do. For example, they can store limited information. On the other hand, QR Codes can store pages of text, multimedia, and web links.

Similarly, barcodes are not resistant to damage while QR Codes easily overcome this challenge.

That’s why a QR Code is a preferred choice for most business use cases. And you’re looking for a QR Code generator for your business too. You can use it for many use cases. Let’s look at a couple of them.

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A. How can a business use QR Code technology

1. Get people to your website or online portal

If you have a website, you’d want the target audience to visit it. To make it possible, you’d run promotional campaigns. These could be digital or print-based in nature.

While it may seem that digital campaigns would be better here, that’s not really the case. A QR Code can make a print media campaign successful too. How?

A Website URL QR Code on print media creatives can take people to your website with just a scan.

No need for anyone to manually type the link in the browser. And needless to say, a simpler process translates to increased engagement.

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2. Get form submissions

Circulating forms is a common business practice. it could be to receive feedback from customers or employees. And digital forms are a great alternative to paper-based ones.

With digital ones, it gets easier for you to manage all the data without saving heaps of paper-based forms.

And a QR Code makes things even better. We call it a Form QR Code. With it, the end-users just need to take a quick scan to access the form and fill it out.

That’s why business giants such as McDonald’s add such QR Codes on their bill receipts. These come with a caption that requests the customers to give their feedback.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

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3. Gain traction on social media

Social media is one of the best marketing channels today. It not only helps you promote your services but stay in touch with your audience too.

And a Social Media QR Code helps you get people to connect with you easily. When scanned, it shows a mobile landing page with button links to all your social media profiles. Users can then select where they’d like to follow you.

You can add this QR Code to your flyers, brochures, invoices, and even visiting cards. People will only have to scan it and follow you rather than manually look for your profile/page online.

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4. Display Product Details

With increasing awareness, customers are now more interested in knowing all the details of the product which they are purchasing.

Hence, it’s crucial for businesses to provide their customers the complete product details.

But doing so is often not possible due to the limited printing space on product packaging.

To solve this issue, a Product QR Code is of great help. It can store detailed product information to be shared via a very limited space. For example, descriptions, banner images, videos, weblinks, social sharing buttons, files, etc.

Think of it as a mobile landing page that the customers would see on scanning the QR Code.

5. Modify the Networking Game

When you meet new clients, you give them your business card for future use.

But the main problem is—most business cards are either dumped or misplaced. Enter—Vcard QR Code.

It stores a lot more details than a business card alone. Some of these include name, address, profile picture, and company details.

When the end-users scan it, they see all these details with the Add as Contact button. It helps users save the contact with a single click. No hassle of manually typing anything.

6. Share documents easily

Sharing documents during a conference or any event can be easily done using QR Codes.

The Document QR Code helps you to add up to 20 document files to it. These files can be in formats such as PDF, DOCX, and XLS.

This QR Code helps end-users to simply access the encoded documents by just scanning the QR Code.

It saves time & money spent in printing & distributing the documents to be shared.

And if you want to limit access to the documents, you can do so with the feature called password protection. With it, end-users need to enter the required password to access the content after scanning the QR Code.

7. Get people to download or visit your app

Mobile app promotion is another way QR Code technology helps businesses increase mobile app downloads.

Here, an App Store QR Code can allow the end-users to easily download your app. When scanned, it redirects them to your app on Play Store or App Store (as per their device’s OS).

In fact, an App Deep Link QR Code can also help you get users to land on a specific page within your app. This can be especially helpful for e-commerce businesses.

The use cases are quite endless. To help you find some more of them, you can refer to this guide. Let’s now see how you can create a QR Code.

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B. Business QR Code generator: detailed steps

In this article, we’ll be using the Scanova QR Code generator for a step-by-step demo. Let’s get started:

1. Go to Scanova

2. Based on your use case, select the appropriate QR Code category

QR Code categories

3. Enter the content to be stored and click on Continue
Next name your QR Code. Enter a name & proceed further

4. On the next page, QR Code details with the QR Code image will be displayed. Right below the QR Code image, you’ll see the Edit Design option. You can use it to add a design to your QR Code. Here’s a detailed guide on how to do it

5. Once you’re done, Save the changes & click Download

6. A pop-up will appear asking you to sign-up for a 14-day free trial

Note: No need to add any credit card details while signing up

7. Once you are done, click on Download

8. A dialog box will ask you for the size and format of the QR Code image. After you specify it, hit the Export button

9. That’s it! Your QR Code will be ready for use. That’s all you need to know about a business QR Code generator. You can now go ahead with the one of your choices and create a QR Code.

Generate a QR Code For Your Unique Case

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