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Can I try the tools before subscribing?
Yes. Signup for the product you want to try and get access to all basic features. For QR Code Generator tool, you can signup for a 14-day free trial and choose to upgrade, once the trial expires, from the same account. For QR Batch, you can signup to use the tool and pay only when you create a batch. For API and SDK, you can signup individually to test QR Code generation request in the playground. However, if you wish to try more than one tool, you need to signup to each with different login credentials (email id).
I require only one tool. Is it possible to subscribe to only one out of many?
Yes. It is possible to subscribe to any one tool of your choice. Subscription to one does not mean subscription to all as each serves specific use cases. However, if you wish to use more than one, you can do that by signing up to each tool separately with different login credentials (email id) for each. If you want to try the tool first before subscribing, you can signup for the free trial too using different login credentials (email id).
Will a QR Code work forever?
Technically, only Static QR Codes work forever. All our online tools can create Static QR Codes. But, Static QR Codes offer very limited functionality as compared to Dynamic QR Codes which can be generated only via Scanova's QR Code Generator tool. For a Dynamic QR Code to work forever, you need to have an ongoing subscription with the QR Code generator service provider.
Is it possible to design the QR Codes?
Yes. It is possible to add colors, patterns, and logo to the QR Code. You can also merge semi-transparent QR Codes with custom background images. Custom designed QR Codes resonate with your brand and increase visual appeal. All of Scanova's online tools can create branded QR Codes. However, please note that QR Codes created in a batch via QR Batch will have the same design. If you wish to generate QR Codes in multiple designs, create multiple batches.
How do I know which tool will fit my use case?
You can read about each product in detail on their website. Refer here: Scanova QR Code Generator, QR Batch, QR API, and QR SDK. You may also refer to our extensive guides on our blog. If you are still not sure, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], and we will help you find the best solution for your QR Code requirements.
Is my data secure with Scanova?
Yes. Scanova protects both personal (email address, email address, billing information, payment information, etc.) and non-personal information (browsing data, etc.) of their customers from unauthorized access. We have always been committed to protecting the data of our customers and end-users both through robust internal security processes and technological tools, irrespective of the location of our customers and end-users across the globe. We are GDPR compliant too.

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Have a question? Write to us and we will respond as soon as possible

Contact Scanova Support in case of any question