You’ve probably been using barcodes but have recently come across the advantages of using Qr Codes. You want to now generate a QR Code to replace the barcode. So you are looking for a barcode to QR Code Converter.

You can use an online QR Code generation service such as Scanova to convert your Barcode to a QR Code.

You might want to convert:

  • Small number of barcodes
  • Large number of barcodes

Follow these steps to carry out the task:

  1. To convert small number of Barcodes to QR codes

  • Copy the barcode serial number or the text you want to be displayed when one scans the QR Code
  • Go to Scanova
  • From QR Code Generator, select Simple Text
barcode to qr code converter- simple text
  • Enter the text
  • Click Create QR Code
barcode to qr code converter-create qr code
  • You’ll see a black-and-white QR Code with option to Design or Download your QR Code. You can proceed with either of the options
video qr code generator- design
  • Once your QR Code is ready (say after you design it), click on Download (Note that you’ll need to sign-up for a 14 day free trial to download your QR Code)

Unlike barcodes, QR Codes can also share website URLs (Website URL QR Code). With a website URL QR Code, you can redirect users to view a website, a social media profile, watch a video, etc.

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2. To convert a large number of Barcodes to QR Codes

  • Create an Excel sheet or CSV of all serial codes encoded in the barcodes
  • Use Scanova’s Bulk QR Code Generator service. It will allow you to specify design (eye color, data-color, logo, etc.) and custom specifications (QR Code size, image format, etc.)
  • Make payment as per your requirements and Scanova’s pricing
  • QR Code images will be shared to you in a Zip folder

For bulk QR Code generation, you can contact Scanova’s team at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can also fill this Contact Us Form.

That’s all you need to know about Barcode to QR Code Converter.

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