Google Contacts App

The year 2017 belongs to QR Codes. This year saw major QR Code related announcements from Apple, Pinterest, Venmo, and Firefox.

Google Contacts App

The latest announcement comes from Google. The company recently launched Google Contacts App for all Android devices.

Besides showing contact a list of ways to contact a person (SMS, call, video call with Duo), the app has an additional feature that currently only select users can access in the menu—Create QR Code.

Google Contacts AppGoogle Contacts App

Users can now share contacts by creating a QR Code. Simply scan the QR Code to save the contact on your phone.

It is still unclear if Google plans to release this feature to the public.

This is not the first time that Google has used a feature that involves QR Codes. Earlier, in Feb 2017, Google launched an inbuilt QR Code scanning feature for iPhone app-v56.0.2924.79.

Users just need to search ‘Scan QR Code’ in the spotlight to access the feature.

You can read more here: Google Chrome QR Code Scanner: iOS users can now easily scan QR Codes

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