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QR Code Not Working: Top 16 Reasons and Their Fixes

QR Code not working? This is one thing that you wouldn’t want to face, right? In today’s modern world, QR Codes are present everywhere. They’re used in domains such as marketing, transportation, payments, and more. However, QR Codes occasionally fail, frustrating users. Typically, there are three primary factors that can cause a QR Code to […]

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Eco-Friendly Business Card: 10 Ideas To Network Sustainably

In recent years, sustainability has become increasingly important for businesses. It is necessary to address the global environmental challenges that threaten our planet. The adoption of sustainable practices by businesses reduces their carbon footprint. And you want to do it too by replacing traditional business cards with eco-friendly ones. Need ideas on how to get […]

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Apple Music QR Code: Increase Your Reach As an Artist

If you’re a music buff, chances are that you stream your favorite songs from Apple Music. For every artist, Apple Music, with its audience base in over 167 countries serves as a great platform. To increase your reach and garner success on this platform, you will have to focus on the discoverability aspect.  That’s where […]

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QR Code Template: A Complete Guide to Get Started

You probably know what a QR Code is, and are looking to create one. In fact, you might be looking for a custom-designed QR Code. Now, to customize your QR Code, it makes sense that you use a QR Code template. A template makes it quick for you to replicate the design to any QR […]

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Cadbury QR Code: Top 11 Marketing Campaigns

If we talk about everyday consumables, food probably tops the list. But have you ever wondered that food and QR Code technology could go together?  That’s where Cadbury QR Code comes in! Cadbury was founded back in 1824 and is a household name now. They have come up with various innovative marketing campaigns. But their […]

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QR Code For Wedding RSVP: Deliver Delightful to Your Guests

Are you someone who’s getting ready for their big day, i.e. your wedding? You might have your guest list ready, and you probably need a QR Code for Wedding RSVP. That’s because you know how important it is to get the guests to RSVP. The term RSVP is the abbreviation of  (répondez s’il vous plaît). […]

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Mosaic QR Code: Epic Ways to Make Your Art Smart and Functional

Could the fusion of traditional art and modern tech ever work? It could, and the answer is Mosaic QR Code! Before we learn more about a mosaic QR Code, let’s first know what a mosaic is! Mosaic is an art that uses tiny fragments of stone, shell, tile, or glass (called tesserae) to form an […]

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Acrylic QR Code: Boost the Visibility of Your Business

Most of you have been to a retail store or a shop, right? And we’re sure you might have seen a clear, transparent stand near the payment stall or holding catalogs while you explore the retail store.  This stand is typically used to display goods or products. These stands used by retailers or shopkeepers are […]

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QR Codes on Chocolates: Seven Ways to Make Your Delicacies Smarter

Chocolate is probably one of the world’s most beloved desserts. Some might argue that it’s a snack though. Nevertheless, as a chocolate manufacturer or brand, it’s important for you to increase your sales.  So how would you go on and achieve the same in today’s competitive market? You may want to watch out for QR […]

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QR Code in Email Signature: Five Powerful Use Cases and More

An email is one of the essential kinds of written communication. Today, emails are the primary form of communication with colleagues, customers, vendors, and even recruiters. With social media and messaging apps, email marketing still holds its relevance. Many B2B marketers consider it essential for accomplishing their business goals. But that’s an email without a […]