QR Codes have recently emerged as an essential instrument in marketing tactics. They serve as a link between the physical and online worlds.

In this informative post, you will learn everything you need to know about an easy QR Code generator, including how to make QRs and other relevant topics.

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A. How to create a QR Code using an easy QR Code generator

How to create a QR Code using an easy QR Code generator

Using Scanova for a demo, here’s how to create a Website URL to QR Code online:

1. Go to Scanova. Click on Create QR Code

2. Select the Website URL category from amongst other QR Code categories.

3. Enter the link you want to encode in the QR Code. You can also go for Advanced Settings in the same step

4. Here, you can tick the Conditional Redirection and select the redirection method—Country, Device, and Operating System

5. Once selected, click on Add Condition followed by selecting the required field and the corresponding URL

6. Now, click Continue

7. On the page that loads, name the QR Code and click Create QR Code

8. Next, you’ll see the preview of the QR Code along with the Edit Design button

9. If you click on it, you’ll see two QR Code designs—a Custom Logo and a Custom Background Design. Custom logo design allows you to add a logo and color to your QR Code. On the other hand, a custom background design helps you place a QR Code on any image

Note that a customized QR Code attracts more scans than a black-and-white one. Hence, to attract maximum scans, design your QR Code.

10. Once your QR Code is ready, say after you design it, you can preview it. If everything looks fine, proceed to download.

11. To download the QR Code, you need to create an account. Here, Sign Up to get started with a 14-day free trial.

12. Once you Sign Up, click on the download icon. A pop-up will appear prompting you to specify QRCode image size and format. Once you enter the details, click Export

That’s it. Your website URL has now been converted to a QR Code. Simply test it once before you go ahead and share it with the world.

B. Why an easy QR Code creator important for modern marketing

Why an easy QR Code creator important for modern marketing

Today’s marketing world needs a QR Code, there is no doubt about that. Let us see some of the important aspects of it:

1. Easy-peasy process

Your marketing world can be connected through QR Codes: both the digital and physical aspects. People can easily access the content with a scan, whether it’s a print ad, business card, event ticket, etc. This makes the brand experience seamless and smooth.

2. Better engagement rates

Want to know how to make your marketing more interactive? Just use QRs and link them to videos, offers, and more. It is an easy attention grabber and will keep your audience coming back for more.

3. Tangible (and trackable) results

You can track and measure how well QR Codes work. You can see how many people scanned the QR, when they did it, and also their location. This can easily help you improve your campaigns

4. Easy on the pocket too

Creating QRs and using them is quite cheap compared to other marketing strategies. With Scanova, you can easily make your QRs for different marketing campaigns without spending a lot of money.

5. Versatile use cases

QRs can be used anywhere: product packaging, tickets, business cards, and more. It is easier to reach a broader audience through this characteristic and it also helps in enhancing your marketing presence across different channels.

6. Delightful user experiences

For customers, it becomes easy to take action and get information. QRs provide an instant way for people to follow you on social media, sign up for your newsletter, or buy from you.

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C. How to make your QR Codes stand out

How to make your QR Codes stand out

To ensure your QR codes capture attention and drive engagement, here are effective strategies to make them stand out:

1. Customize the design

– Branding: To make your QR visually appealing and recognizable, make use of your brand colors.

– Logo inclusion: To enhance your brand recall, use your brand logo in your QRs.

2. Use CTA

– Instructional text: Place clear instructions like “Scan Here for Exclusive Offers” near the QR code to encourage immediate action.

– Highlight benefits: Communicate the benefits of scanning the code, such as discounts or exclusive content.

3. Optimize placement

– Visibility: Place your QRs in visible and accessible locations. Your target audience will be more likely to notice them.

4. Ensure functionality

– Testing: To avoid bugs and failure of your QRs, test them across different devices and scanners.

– Mobile-friendly: Mobile viewing should be your primary focus. Ensure that you landing page is optimized for mobile viewing.

5. Offer value-added content

– Exclusive content: Provide valuable and unique content behind QR codes, such as videos, demos, or special promotions.

– Interactive experiences: Use QR codes to initiate interactive elements like surveys or contests to engage users further.

6. Track performance

– Analytics: Use QR code analytics to monitor scan rates, user locations, and engagement times. Understanding these metrics will help define future marketing strategies.

D. How to use QRs to drive traffic and engagement

How to use QRs to drive traffic and engagement

To effectively drive and boost engagement using QRs, consider these actionable strategies:

1. Offer compelling incentives

You can encourage user scans by offering them special deals, promotions, or coupons accessible only through QRs.

2. Enhance user experience

You can link QRs to helpful content such as testimonials, product demos, brochures, etc. This will help enhance user interaction and satisfaction.

3. Facilitate transactions

You can simply integrate QRs with mobile payment systems. This will enable customers to pay you hassle-free.

4. Collect reviews and feedback

QRs make it easy and convenient for your customers to leave a review through surveys and feedback forms. This will help you gather insights to improve your services to enhance customer satisfaction.

5. Drive social media engagement

You can link your QRs to your social media profiles, campaigns, and hashtags. QR codes make it easy for people to engage with your content.

6. Educate and inform

No one likes to read boring texts, right? You can use QRs to tell all about your product/service. This will help your customers to have some valuable insights. It will also make it a lot easier for them to understand your product/service.

7. Promote sustainability

When you replace your printed materials with QR Codes, you reduce your environmental impact. This also helps support sustainable business practices and fosters positive brand association.

E. How to use QR Codes in your marketing materials

How to use QR Codes in your marketing materials

Want to know about some practical ways to use QRs in your marketing materials? Read this section till the end!

1. Brochures and magazines

QR Codes in brochures and magazines enable you to scan them and explore the virtual world such as videos, offers, online articles, and more.

2. Newspaper

What if you’re reading an article in your daily newspaper and want to know more about the same in detail? 

You could just scan the QR printed on the newspaper which could lead you to more in-depth stories, videos, news clips, and more.

3. Printed goodies

Printed goodies like posters and stickers with QR Codes could let users unlock interactive content, downloadable resources, and other exciting promotions.

4. Wristbands

Wristbands with QRs can easily connect you to event details, schedules, details about speakers, or content that is exclusive to you.

5. Product labels

Want to know more about the product that you just got for yourself? Look for a QR on the product label which will let you know all about the product, demo videos, best practices, and everything else.

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F. Real-world examples of QR success stories

1. Dallas Area Rapid Transit System

Dallas Area Rapid Transit System

Dallas Area Rapid Transit System or DART is one of the most well-known transportation ecosystems of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

Millions of commuters rely on DART’s services daily. However, the DART team was facing some challenges.

They wanted to eliminate inefficiencies and redundancies within their operations and sales team.

Commuters frequently complained about the lack of information and access to real-time transit information. The DART team didn’t rely on technology much, so the issue was quite persistent.

By implementing Scanova’s QR Codes, the DART team got remarkable outcomes. 

Within a year, they got 500,000 scans. The passengers were able to access real-time information, which led to a drastic reduction in consumer complaints and queries. 

The QR scans provided the DART team with valuable insights about their customers so that they could plan for future enhancements and optimization.

Interested to know more? Read this case study!

2. Intrcity smart bus

Intrcity smart bus

Intrcity smart bus is one of India’s biggest players for bus bookings in India. It is a fleet of branded buses to give safe and secure bus travel operations in India.

To promote their brand amongst people, they came up with giving away loyalty points through the help of QR Codes.

For customers to redeem the points, they simply have to download the intercity smart bus app through the QR.

3. Burger King

Burger King

If you’re a customer you would want to know about the best offers for you, right? 

Burger King came up with a smart way to do just that. To give their customers the best offers and deals, they started with the QR Code promotion.

To redeem the offers, the customers simply have to scan the QR, download the app, and select the best offer. This helps Burger King increase their app downloads but also helps them create repeat customers.

4. Chaayos


Who doesn’t love a gift? Well, it does become more special when it comes from one of India’s best tea cafes, Chaayos!

To get the gift, the customers have to place a minimum order value and in return, they would get snack boxes, chaayos cash, and other items.

All one needs to do is scan the QR Code to go to the offer page.

5. Mc Donald’s

Mc Donald’s

What if you could get a free burger just by downloading an app? 

Well, this is possible because McDonald’s India launched a campaign. Not only a free burger, you could get various other offers and deals through the app itself.

To redeem, you just have to scan the QR, which will direct you to the app store to download the app.

G. Best practices: Free easy QR Code generator

Best practices: Free easy QR Code generator

Here are essential best practices for effectively using an easy QR code generator:

1. Purposeful linking

– Relevant content: Ensure your QRs direct users to content like product details, promotions, or informative videos.

– Mobile-friendly: You should optimize linked content to be easily accessible and readable on mobile devices. This will ensure a seamless user experience.

2. Design and visibility

– Clear call-to-action: Accompany QR codes with clear instructions or incentives to encourage scans.

– Optimal placement: Position QR codes prominently on marketing materials with sufficient size for easy scanning.

3. Testing and quality assurance

– Cross-device testing: Verify QR codes across different devices and scanning apps to ensure functionality.

– Print quality: Maintain high resolution in printing to ensure QR codes are sharp and easily scannable.

4. Analytics and optimization

– Analytics utilization: Use Scanova with built-in analytics to track scan rates, demographics, and engagement metrics.

– Continuous improvement: Continuously analyze data to refine QR campaigns based on your performance insights.

5. Security and privacy

– Content integrity: Ensure linked content is secure and free from any potential risks to user privacy.

– Expiration management: Consider setting expiration dates for QR codes to manage access and content relevance.

6. User education

– Clarity and instructions: Provide clear instructions near QR codes for users unfamiliar with scanning.

– Value proposition: Communicate the benefits or rewards users will receive by scanning the QR code to drive engagement.

7. Integration with marketing strategy

– Strategic alignment: Use QRs seamlessly into broader marketing initiatives. This will help maintain consistency and reinforce brand messaging.

– Timely deployment: Align QR campaigns with promotional schedules to maximize impact and relevance.

H. FAQs: Easy QR generator

FAQs: Easy QR generator

1. What is an easy QR generator?

An easy QR generator is a tool designed to create QRs quickly and without technical expertise. The process is quite simple when it comes to generating QRs for various purposes.

2. What can I link to with a QR with an easy QR creator?

You can link QRs to various content or actions, including websites, contact details, files, app links, videos, and more.

3. Are there different types of QR codes?

Yes, QRs come in different types, such as static, dynamic, and customizable.

4. How can I track QR code performance?

When you create your QR Codes through Scanova, you can easily track them using the dashboard.

5. How can QR codes benefit my business?

QR codes have several advantages for businesses. This includes better customer engagement, cost efficiency, and data insights.

Summing Up

We hope you found our latest blog article helpful in learning everything about an easy QR Code Generator. Feel free to share your experience and ask us anything in the comments!

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