The businesses are going tech-savvy to optimize their operations, especially after the pandemic. They have started integrating advanced and contactless technologies to not only make the workplace safer but also more efficient.

And QR Codes are one of the best ways to do just that. These 2D barcodes can store information and are easily scannable with a smartphone. No need for you to install any dedicated set-up at the workplace.

In this article, we’ll see various ways how a QR Code can make the workplace better.

A. Best ways to use QR Code at Workplace

1. Easy employee identification

You’d be familiar with ID cards being used for employee identification. Usually, the ID contains the employee details such as name and designation written on it. These are then validated by the security personnel at the entry gate.

However, this process is prone to security risks. However, by adding a QR Code, you cannot only make the process faster but also secure.

Here’s how—you can add each employee’s details to each QR Code. As security personnel scams the QR Code at the entry gate, they can verify the employee details automatically. Easy, right?

You can also learn about ID Cards with QR Codes in Spanish via this guide.

2. Ensure contactless appointments

Does your business need people to book appointments? Businesses such as grooming salons often need people to do that. In such cases, you’d like to avoid any crowding on your premises.

But don’t worry. QR Codes can help you easily. You can simply create a QR Code that leads the end-users to fill a form asking for details such as name, contact number, and services needed.

As end-users scan it, they’ll be able to fill the form quickly. Parallelly, you can keep monitoring the responses to get in touch with the prospective clients and give them an appointment.

3. Seamless document sharing

Every workplace includes document sharing among employees, management, and clients. And QR Codes can make it better. Did you know that you can create a QR Code that can be encoded up to 20 document files?

When people scan a Document QR Code, they can see all the encoded files on their smartphones. This is why businesses such as restaurants are now using QR Codes to share menu files with their guests.

In fact, if you want to share confidential documents, you can even add password protection to this QR Code. When the end-users scan it, they’ll have to enter the required password to access the encoded data.

4. Easy access to your office address

Did you know that QR Codes can also help people visit your office easily? How?

You can add the exact location coordinates of your business to a QR Code. When end-users scan this QR code, they will see your office’s location on their phone’s maps application.

No need for them to manually find your office location on Google Maps to find the directions.

5. Get feedback

Getting feedback from both clients and staff is important for a business. It doesn’t only help you know what you’re doing right but also where do you need to improve.

But getting feedback is easier said than done. However, QR codes can make it easier. That’s why many a time, many businesses are now using QR Codes to gather feedback from their audience.

Thus, QR Code has a lot to offer when it comes to its applications for the workplace. Now let’s explore some of its benefits.

B. Top benefits of using QR Code at the workplace

1. Cost-effective

In comparison to a standard workplace setup, QR Codes are cost-effective. You can create QR codes online easily.

And all that you need to scan a QR code is—your smartphone. No need for any cost-intensive setup to scan them for any purpose.

2. Can store more information in comparison to barcodes

QR Codes can store way more data as compared to barcodes. While traditional barcodes can store not more than 100 characters, QR Codes can easily store up to 7,089 characters.

3. Help build brand recognition

Did you know that you can add design to your QR Codes? You can do it by adding colors and a logo to them. Or you can even add an image as their background.

And you don’t need to hire a graphic designer to get the job done. QR Code generators such as Scanova help you do it in no time.

4. Least chances of discrepancies

QR Codes can help you avoid discrepancies in terms of business security. How? Well, they cannot be forged with. That means once you create a QR Code, one can simply not change the details encoded in it.

5. Track QR Code’s scans

QR Codes can help you monitor their scanning activity. For example, how many people scanned them, where they did it from, which device did they use, etc.

These are called Dynamic QR Codes. Dynamic QR Codes are both trackable and editable. That means you can edit the details encoded in them (if authorized to do so) anytime you want. No need to create a new QR Code every time you want to edit it.

C. How to create a QR Code online?

You’d need a QR Code generator to do the job. Here’s a comparison of the best players online to help you make a sound decision.

Using Scanova for a demo, here’s how to make a QR Code:

1. Go to Scanova and decide on the QR Code category

QR Code categories

This will depend on your use case. For example, if you need to add documents, create a Document QR Code. But if you need to add location coordinates of your business, create a Google Maps QR Code

2. Now, add the content you want to encode in a QR Code and click Continue

3. Once the page loads, name the QR Code and click Create QR Code

4. Now, you’ll see the preview of the QR Code with other necessary details such as the name, type, and category. On the right, you’ll see the Edit Design button

5. After clicking on it, you’ll see two design options—Custom Logo Design and Custom Background Design

Choose the design

6. Once you are done with finalizing the design, click Done Editing followed by clicking on Download. A window will prompt you to sign-up for a 14-day free trial. Note that you’ll not have to add any card details while signing up

7. Once done, you’ll be asked to specify the QR Code image’s format and size

Image size and format

8. After finalizing these details, click on Export

You are done. The QR Code will be downloaded and ready to use.

That’s all you need to know about the use of QR Code at the workplace. You can now go ahead to create your first QR Code.

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