Aging comes with complications that one has never faced earlier in life. Some of them such as Alzheimer’s and Demnetia can be most problematic to the elderly. QR Codes for senior citizens can help them be safe from situations arising from memory loss and other cognitive health issues. An extraordinary range of care and services is provided at the nursing home in Somerset county.

These QR Codes are used in the form of bands, badges, bracelets, or stickers. This helps aged people carry QR Codes with them without any fail.

The Mirror Foundation’s QR Code Bracelets

In Jul 2018, Thailand’s Mirror Foundation launched QR Codes for senior citizens in the form of bracelets.

qr codes for senior citizens: band thailand

“Each month over 30 families contact the Mirror Foundation to help find their elderly parents or grandparents with Alzheimer’s.”— Eaklak Loomchomkhae, Head, Back to Home centre, Mirror Foundation

Most of the QR Code bracelets reveal one’s private information. But those of the Mirror Foundation work differently.

As one scans the QR Code, the bracelet sends the location of the wearer to the foundation’s staff. The staff can then send help and contact wearer’s relatives.

By Aug 2018, the foundation plans to hand-over 1,000 such bracelets to the elderly. To get the band, one will need to furnish a doctor’s certificate.

QR Code Badges for Chinese senior citizens

In Jun 2014, Dingxiang Community in Hefei City gave 1,400 QR Code badges to senior citizens.

qr codes for senior citizens: badge in china

The elderly wear the badge which is roughly the size of postage stamp. The words— “Please scan to help me back home” are printed next to the QR Code.

As one scans QR Code, it reveals the wearer’s details such as name, address, and contact number.

It also furnishes the contact information of Community Office running the program. This is to help in case none of the elderly’s contacts are reachable.

“I’ll wear it every time I go out. A big headache for us old people is wandering off.”— Qiao Zonglian, A badge user

QR Code stickers in Japan

To help wandering senior citizens, the Officials of Iruma City (Japan) provide them with QR Code stickers.

qr codes for senior citizens: stickers in Japan

These stickers are waterproof, last for a month, and can be stuck on the person’s fingernail.

On seeing a confused old person, one can scan the QR Code to find wearer’s registration number, hometown, and their city hall’s number.

“We provide minimum information with the police, so that the missing can reunite with their families.”— Chie Sano, Spokesperson, Iruma City’s Welfare Department

Without any doubt, the development of QR Codes for senior citizens has been a great step. To cope up with more such issues, QR Codes are widely used in healthcare sector now.

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